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Dave follows up on last week's show with some tips from Don Lewis of and Sallie from as we try to remove hum from a non-skype call. Dave is using a Ground-Loop Isolator

Dave got a free subscription to Website Magazine. They have some interesting articles on blogging for money, website promotion and more. The best thing is you can read it online, or have it deleivered free to your door. To get your subscription go to

 One of the resources I found in the above magazine is Traffic Swarm. While I'm not crazy about sites like these, I will say I have received a small bump in traffic to my site. So if I have to put up with an annoying start page, I can deal with that.

 Dave also talk about the closing of a podcast directory he started a while ago, but it had been hacked, and had multiple issues over the years. He now has as a cross promotion tool for podcasters only.

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