Key Ingredients of a Pocast


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Key Ingredients of a Podcast

1. It will help the audience, or teach them (like this podcast)
2. It will entertain the audience (laughter, music, etc).
3. A unique perspective (like a stay at home Dad, a solder in Iraq).
4. The ability to move the audience (taps in to the emotions of the audience).

How Many Downloads Can You Expect on Your First Show?

I've released the first episode of the Dates From Hell Show. We are not listed anywhere (iTunes, Podcast Alley, etc). We had a whole 19 downloads. This may seem poor, but you have to keep in mind that I've done very little publicity for this show (so don't get discouraged).

A New Kind of Business Card

As the Dates From Hell Show may have a wider appeal than many of my podcasts I wanted a different type of business card that was geared more toward driving traffic to my website instead of contacting me. It explains its an “Internet Radio Show.” It explains that you can listen online. The great thing is if you order 500 cards, they are only 6 cents each.

Start Podcasting Today

Sign up and learn how to podcastat the School of Podcasting where we have step by step tutorials, podcasting resources, and live question and answer sessions with a podcast consultant.

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