Marketing 101 With Allen Stewart of the Marketer’s Podcast


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This is part one of my interview with Allen Stewart of the marketer's podcast ( ) Allen is a great guy, and every conversation with Allen always ends with me full of ideas. I LOVE people who make me think.

I realize that many of us do not have a marketing baground so I asked Allen to do a “Marketing 101.” For those that are looking to monetize their podcast this is right up your alley. However, if you're not you can still get a TON out of this interview. Simply substitute the word “Customer” with the word “Subscriber.”

I also answer some listener email from Cornelius Fichtner of the Project Management Podcast ( ) Who asks about selling, or having a “Premium” podcast. I use Premium Podcasting and recently created a tutorial for those who want a glimpse on how I set up m site to use this tool. (note: use the coupon code ” expo ” and get 50% off your first month). You can also get a 4 day free trial of Premium Podcasting for $1. For more information go to their site.

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