More Podcasting Mistakes


Dave continues on with a few other mistakes that Podcasters may be making:

1. SHOW ME THE MONEY- The person who doesn't even have a podcast topic, but knows he can sell it. Get your audience first, then monetize it. Paul Colligan has a great book  – The Business Podcasting Bible – about it.

2. Not reporting their music to the Podsage Music Network. I have a brand new show I'm testing. I've told one other person, and the musician that I played. I ended up with 5 listens. Keep in mind that a musician may alert their fan list that they are being played (and send their listeners to your podcast). However, if you don't report it they won't know to alert their fans.

3. Failure to Cross Promote. Sometimes we get nervous networking with people that are too much like our podcast. We fear that they may steal our audience. Keep in mind if you are putting out great content, their audience should like you. Also keep in mind there are seven days in a week. This leaves lots of time for the listener to listen to their podcast and yours.

4. Miss networking opportunites. I use after reading the book by Jason Van Orden Promoting Your Podcast I put some code from technorati and now I can see who is linking or bloggin about me.

Other Sites Mentioned:

Open Stacks
Promoting information access and literacy for all. 

Anna Farmery at 

Disciples with Microphones 

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