Why Did You Unsubscribe From That Podcast?


Podpress (www.mightseek.com) is back in action after months of being DOA.

Today I talk about a free tool at http://www.vtubetools.com/

What Made You Unsubcribe from That Podcast?

I have only two shows the Rock and Roll Geek Show (www.rockandrollgeek.com ) and The Scene Zine ( www.thescenezine.com ) that were part of my original 5 or ten. I no longer listen to the daily source code, or Dawn and Drew, Keith and The Girl, for whatever reason were not “doing it” for me.

So that is my question for you.

If you have unsubscribed to a podcast, let us know why? You can call it in 888-563-3228 or email me at dave “at” schoolofpodcasting “dot” com. You can also leave a comment on this blog.

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