Are You Making These Podcasting Mistakes? – The Dates From Hell Story

Going Down the Wrong Road

While I normally show and tell you how to start a podcast the correct way, today I'm going to tell you how I started a podcast on a dare and it taught me some valuable lessons.

Here is what we did right:

1. We got some cool album art
2. We got an easy to use domain name ( – no longer active)
3. We hired a cool voice guy to do the intro
4. We found some cool music to kick it off
5. He put systems in place (like voicemail) to interact with our audience.

Here is What We Did Wrong:

1. We didn't have a reliable source of content.
2. We started the podcast not based on our passon but based on a dare, and the intention of making money.
3. We had a promotional plan that basically was spam. We didn't promote at all.
4. Our goal was to get people to sign up for dating sites, but out content scared them away

So we didn't have any content, and our listeners were too scared to join our recommended dating sites. We had no promotion strategy (and you need to promote your podcast). When the fun of having a new podcast wore off, there was no passion, no listeners, no money, and in the end – no podcast. We did four episodes, and quit.

Podcasting Resources Open as we rebuild That Section

I have a good news bad news situation with the School of Podcasting Podcast Resource Section. I had one person say, “The good news is it has everything. The bad news is it has everything. ” So I have gone through andredeisgned it (a work in progress). While I'm building it, I'm not protecting it. If you want to see it go to

Bonus Content

I'm doing osmething I've never done (you know me I like to play with stuff). So if you buy the School of Podcasting iPhone or Android App, you will get the first episode of the Dates From Hell show (which is not available anywhere).
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