Can Podcasting Make Your Dreams Come True? YES!

Dreams Can Come true Via Podcasting

Today I’m breaking format. You know what’s cool about this? I CAN! It’s MY show and I decide what is acceptable. Today I’m sharing one episode between two of my podcasts The Morning Announcements, and the Power of Podcasting. In today’s show I talk about Cliff Ravenscraft who not only got to meet one of his mentors (and become good friends) but Pat Flynn who got to live a dream of his and be an extra in a movie.


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  1. Ileane
    4 years ago

    Hi Dave, these are two very inspirational stories from Cliff and Pat. I listen to both of those podcasts too and I’m looking forward to hearing about your 60+ friend.
    Btw – why is Audacity to Podcast crossed off on this list of 5 in 5 – did I miss something?
    Thanks for the encouragement Dave.

  2. Stacy Harp
    4 years ago

    Hey Dave,

    I’ve been listening to your show the last few weeks and have to admit it’s GREAT! LOL… Thanks to you I am not an Audible affiliate, and even though I haven’t made a dime using them in awhile, at least I know they are out there.

    As for today’s show, I met Amy Grant and interviewed her twice on my show, and it’s all because of the podcast.

    One thing though… I noticed you mentioned California, and then everything else was a country. Are you saying California is a country.. hmmm :) I’ve lived here my whole life and I can tell you it is, but I thought it was funny when you said that.

  3. Dave Jackson
    4 years ago

    Its there. This posting was weird. I spell checked it, and set it to publish. When it was published it had typos out the ying yang. Daniel’s podcast is there.

  4. Dave Jackson
    4 years ago

    I see what you mean. Not sure why that had the line through it. Very weird. Daniel’s a great guy, and I would never cross his name of my list.

  5. Ali
    3 years ago

    Dave this podcast was just so great! One of the best i’ve heard you do. I have been checking out your podcasting school today and thought i’d start listening to these as well as Marketing Musician.

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