Create Custom WordPress Themes in Minutes


I've been waiting years for software like the tool we have today.

I just found Artisteer at which is a phenomenal software that allows you to create a wordpress theme from scratch. I am completely blown away. If you'd like to see a quick overview I jsut did a quick video at

You can download a trial version at there are two version starting at $49 (home version). The “standard” version is $150 and right now is on sale for $99 (you get more graphics and effects). I am amazed at the control you have when creating a wordpress theme, and how easy it is to master.

Listener Questions
Q: Dave I don't see my album art when the podcast downloads and I play it.

A: There are two places to use your album art. One shows up in the iTunes podcast directory, and then each episode has the album art “inside” the mp3 file in the ID3 tags. If you don't tag your file, it won't show up (it only takes a couple of minutes).

Q: Is a good solution for podcasting?
A: is like buying a “starter home.” It's a good place to live at first, but as soon as you grow you will more than likely want to move. The last time I checked moving is always a pain in the rear end.

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