“Free” Holiday Production Music For Your Podcast

With Halloween next week, and the rest of the hholiday season upon us, you may want to add some holiday music to your podcasts. I was just informed that Footage Firm (a place for with great resources for video people) has come out with a new set of production music for the holidays (and their music is quality as well). From Jazz, Country, Pop, etc there are many different flavors (many with sleigh bells in the background) to add that holiday feel to your podcasts.

They say the music is “Free” but you end up paying $8.41 for the shipping. With that said, it's still a great deal on royalty free music for your podcast. Check it out at footagefirm.com

4 thoughts on ““Free” Holiday Production Music For Your Podcast”

  1. I’ve used them before, the catch is its “Free” but the shiping is 8 dollars. I’m sitting here with about 7 “free” cds that cost me $56. It’s still a great deal.

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