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Today I'm thinking about starting a podcast. This one won't be focused on raising money, but more on raising awareness. So what I'm doing is I'm contacting leaders in this industry (sorry to be so secretive) and see if they would help me promote the podcast (as in theory this is a podcast that they should be creating).

I've asked three companies, and one has said no, one has said maybe, and one definitely wants to be involved.

Even if you don't get involvement from industry leaders, you need to think about your listeners, where they are, how you will get to them, andif there is enough content to support more than 7 episodes.

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  1. Chris Attaway
    9 years ago

    Hi Dave,
    Thanks for all your suggestions and information. I want to start a podcast to start a Gloucester centre for information on my local MS Information & Therapy Centre, being a sufferer myself. So the requirement to make money is not appropriate. I

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