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Podcasting was born in 2004 and the listeners have grown every single year. If you are looking to:

global-listenIncrease Sales

Be Seen as an Expert

Reach a Global Audience

Grow Your Community

Boost Authority

Increase Revenue

then podcasting a great tool to help you achieve your goals and dreams.

My True Story

Dave Jackson Director of PodcastingThe New Media Expo was the largest event for Bloggers, Video, and Podcasters. They needed a new director for the Podcasting track. The owner went to the top three podcast media hosts and asked who they would recommend to fill the position. They all answered the same thing”

“What do you think about Dave Jackson?”

I couldn't have planned it better and I got the gig. My podcast had worked as a digital business card.

I've been asked to speak. I've been hired on additional jobs because of my podcast experience.

I've been asked to work on projects because I'm seen as someone who has influence.

I received phone calls from people who say things like, “I just listened to your last 50 episodes and I'm ready to start a podcast an you are my guy!”

What Podcasting Has Done For Others

opportunitiesEmily Morse had her show “Sex with Emily” picked up on FM Radio. She has also had a television show on Bravo.

Joanna Pen started off interviewing experts on book publishing, and now she is one.

Keith and the Girl make a living doing a podcast out of their apartment in New York City.

Marc Maron was able to interview the President of the United States in his Garage.

Comedians are Selling More Tickets and booking bigger clubs because of a stronger connection with their audience.

People are getting speaking gigs because they are seen as an expert.

Consultants are getting more clients (without cold calling) because their audience already knows, likes, and trusts them.

Here is How Podcasting Works

You immerse yourself in your target audience and topic(s)

You create a show that focuses on those topics that positively impacts your audience. You share insights from your life that apply to the topics. Your audience likes you.

Your deliver value in every episode. Now your audience trusts you.

You deliver on a regular schedule. Now your audience trusts and relies on you. You become part of their routine.

So you now your audience knows, likes, and trusts, you. You become a trusted friend. You have established a relationship with your listener that you can leverage. When people make money with your podcast keep this in mind.

You don't make money from the podcast, you make money from the relationship that you build through the podcast.

Does Podcasting Work?

Here are some more examples from the podcast space:

My Previous Best Month is Now My Average

Business-Addicts-The-Podcast“Within a couple of months of launching, we had an event where we ended up with 65 of our listeners to hang out and have an awesome time. We sold tickets to that event to directly monetize the podcast. By being in someone’s ears for 45 minutes its made a significance to my bottom line. It’s enabled me to open up different services, it’s allowed me to bring on more staff, it’s really catapulted my business forward. What used to be my best month, is now my average.”

Loren & Fiona -Source: Podcasts Interview
Business Addicts

Pat Flynn Grew His Audience by 19%

spi-artwork“If you just stick to your blog, you’re going to limit your reach. The growth of the blog started to plateau. It wasn’t growing and I wanted to reach more people.

When I surveyed my audience what was the #1 way they found me? Not Google, not Twitter or Facebook. It was iTunes and my podcast.

There is no connection like hearing someone’s voice. Big brands know this, that’s why people like Dave Ramsey and Suze Orman adding podcasting.

Pat Flynn – Source: Blog World Presentation
Smart Passive Income

What if It Is a Passion Project?

If you're not interested in making money with your podcast, that's fine. You will see where you will attract people just like you. Podcasting is a great tool for building community.

I Want to Flatten the Learning Curve For You

I recently helped a client who had her podcast listed in iTunes. She had been driving people to her show for six months. The bad news is she had given the wrong link. Her six months of hard work went right down the drain.

I had a client on m Podcast Review show who had "jumped in" to the podcast. They do a daily show and started off by recording 365 episodes (one for each day).  What they didn't know is there was a technical issue with their recording.

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I help people on a monthly (weekly?) basis who have tried using free services and have found that they are getting what they pay for. The bad news is they are tied to these services and can't leave without losing their audience. Again, months, (maybe years), go down the drain.

I help people avoid spending money (lots of money) on equipment on recording equipment you will not need.

I could go on but I think you get my point.

Is this information on the Internet for free? Probably. It's also probably outdated. You will pay for things with one of two currencies: time or money. Your time is too valuable to go find an answer to a question only to find it's been outdated for four years.

What Do You Get at the School of Podcasting?

Podcast Courses

Watch these tutorials on any internet connected device:

Planning Your Podcast Course - $99

Content is King (and how to create content that will knock the socks off of your audience) - $99

Podcast Gear - Getting What You Need Without Blowing the Budget - $99

Recording Your Podcast - Using Audacity - $99

Recording Your Podcast With Garageband - $99

Recording Your Podcast Using Adobe Audition Basics - $99

How to Build a Podcast Website Using WordPress - $99

Communicating with Your Audience - $99

The PowerPress Plugin - Getting the Most out of The Most Popular Podcast Plugin - $99

Understanding RSS Feed - Understanding the Geeky Stuff Without Being a Geek - $99

Publishing Your Podcast with Libsyn $99

Skype 101 - $99

Communicating With Your Audience - Having the systems in place to handle your feedback - $99

Promoting Your Podcast - Getting listed in iTunes, and other directories and other strategies - $99

Monetizing Your Podcast - Multiple strategies to build revenue with your podcast - $99

Unlike tutorials on the Internet, these are kept up to date...


Private "Ask Dave Anything" Office Hours

Each month we have "Office Hours" webinars where you can ask Dave (and other members) questions. We get you over those hurdles. We can share our screen with you, or you can share your screen with us to get you on the path to pain-free podcasting quickly. These are recorded and be viewed later.

Prioritized Email

Use the special prioritized School of Podcasting ticketing system to contact Dave and get your questions answered quickly. Don't be surprised is Dave records a personalized video for you.

Private Facebook

Need an opinion on something? Looking for a partner to network with? The Spam Free Private Facebook group is a great place to stay up to date with technology, strategies, and news.

What Others Are Saying About This Course

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Before I enrolled into Dave Jackson’s School of Podcasting, I wanted to do a podcast but I had no idea how to make it happen.

Ray Gooch Job Search that WorksDave took our small class step by step through the process. He covered:

  • Planning the show
  • What equipment I needed to get started
  • How to pull together the content
  • How to record my show
  • How to upload my podcast to iTunes and other services

He gave some great insight into how to monetize the podcast along with some really realistic expectations on what the kind of money would short term and long term.

I really liked the way Dave gave economical options to get things done because I tend to go overboard. Dave’s recommendations help me keep a level head on what I was spending.

I thoroughly love producing my show, and thanks to Dave Jackson and the School of Podcasting they helped me get my start. If you’d like to hear the results of Dave’s coaching check out my show at 

Raymond Gooch

President, Spectrum Career

LOTS More testimonials here..


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