The Joys of Moving

I moved into a tiny office last year to help physically separate work and home (I have hard time “turning off work” when it was only a room away). What they didn't tell me when I was moving in is they turned OFF the air conditioning on Fridays at 6 pm est. Most Saturdays it was 86+. The last day I was in there it was 92 degrees F. I should be skinny for all the sweat I produced. I've moved to a newer, bigger office (not sure what to do with all the space. Here are some shots of where I'm starting from .

This is what you see when walk in. Lots of boxes, guitars, bags..

School of podcasting Office

From the back looking at the door

School of Podcasting


From behind the desk

School of Podcasting Podcasting View From Behind The Desk



2 thoughts on “The Joys of Moving”

  1. Looks like a great space. Hopefully it’s “cool” 😉

    I looked into getting an office and decided that the basement is good enough for now (as long as it’s not flooded out!)


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