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Episode #118No PodcastingToday I talk about some of the lovely podcasts I've run across that I feel are awful. It seems people are falling into certain areas:

The person who thinks they are going to make thousands of dollars next week.

The person who gets into podcast because they hear its cool, but have nothing to say. Ask them what their podcast is going to be about and they will say, “I don't know.”

I've heard no less than four podcasts stating “how to make money in podcasting” and it turns out to be nothing but 40 minutes of spewing. (nothing against, but I've heard that podcast enough).

If you have a recording from a business meeting back in 1992 and think it would be a great podcast (that is if you can hear the speaker over the air conditioning) – you don't need to podcast that. You CAN, but the question is should you.

If you got into podcasting because you heard you can do it for free – you don't need to podcast. There are singers who sing for free. You can hear them at karaokee bars offending ears every Thursday. Spend a few bucks and take your podcast to the next level.

Thinking of starting a podcast in 2008? Remember that not only do you need the time to record the podcast, but you need the time to promote the podcast. Currently I have seven podcasts ( ) and I don't spend enough time promoting my podcasts as I did when I had 2. Consequently, my numbers are growing slower than when I had a few podcasts.

If you are looking to start a Podcast, if you are looking to learn how to podcast, then please let me be your personal podcast coach by joining me at

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