Active “How to” Podcasts

School of Podcasting – Plan, launch, and grow your podcast. New episodes every Monday

School of Podcasting

Ask the Podcast Coach – Free podcast consulting with Dave Jackson and Jim Collison.

The Feed – Podcast news and insights from podcast media hosting company Libsyn.com

Your Podcast Consultant – Short lessons with Big Value

Podcast Review Show – Get honest feedback on your show.

Podcast Rodeo Show – Random podcasts – see how long you can hang on – reviews

Podcasting Resources – Spotlight Tools for Podcasters

Profit From Your Podcast – How to make money with a podcast.

The New Media Show – Hall of Fame Podcasters Todd Cochrane (Blubrry) and Rob Greenlee (Libsyn) talk podcast industry news.

The Audacity to Podcast – The guts and tools to start and grow your podcast.

Podcast Insider – Mike Dell and Todd Cochrane talk podcast and Blubrry news.

Podcast Talent Coach – How to make engaging content with Erik K Johnson

She Podcasts – Podcasting from a female point of view.

The Podcast Babes – Anne Claessen gives you tips on podcasting

The Podcast Master – Helping you master podcasting

Podcast Like a Girl – A female host provides podcasting tips.

Podcast Engineering School – Podcast hardware discussions.

Podcast Father – Jeff Thompson talks podcasting.

Podcraft – all about the entire art of podcasting.

Podcast Envy – It’s not about the microphone.

Big Podcast – The focus of Build A Big Podcast is to help you reach, expand, and develop your audience.

Podcast Reporter – Podcasting News

Podnews  – Considered one of the top sources for podcasting news.

Podcast Advertising Playbook -understand podcast advertising.

Podcasting Q&A – tips and strategies to launch, grow, and monetize your podcast.

Podcasting Answers – Andy Lehman answers your questions

Podcasting University – Podcasting Tips from Bangalore

Podcast Monetization Secrets – Podcast monetization strategies

Podcast Pontifications – Advancing the view that podcasting should be made better, not just easier.

Podcast Performance Coach – Podcasting tips for podcasters from a 25-year radio veteran.

Podland News – analyzing the news from the world of podcasting

The Podcast Accelerator – Podcast education, industry insights and straight-talking reactions to podcasting news.

Your Podcast Coach – Creating Compelling and Professional Podcasts

Grow My Podcast Show – Hosted by Deirdre Tshien

The Podcast on Podcasting – Having a successful podcast is an asset to your business.

Podcast Editors Mastermind – The Good, The Bad, and The Yeti

Podcasting Made Simple – Answering questions.

Podcasting Essentials – How to engage your audience through podcasting

Podcast Business School – Adam Schaeuble

Podcast That Pays – Angie Jordan

Podcast Me Anything – An AMA all about podcast production and beyond

One minute Podcast Tips – With Danny Brown. The title says to all.

The Lazy Girl's Guide to Podcasting – Verity Sangan

Podcast Answers – help you understand how to start and grow your podcast with Andy Lehman

Podcasting Your Brand – Building Your Brand Through the Power of Podcasting


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Podcasters Being Interviewed

Podcasting101– Interview of other podcasters

Podcast Junkies – Harry Duran has a great conversation with podcasters.

Podcasting Smarter – From the team at podbean.

Podcast Movement Sessions – Insights, news from Podcast Movement

Pro Podcaster Stories – Behind the scenes of pro podcasters

Causepods – Podcasts to raise awareness for a good cause

Podquest– Insider secrets and monetization

Podfluencer – insights from top industry leaders

Podcaster Stories – Meet the People Behind the Show

The Binge Factor – Is Your Podcast Bingeworthy?

Occasional Episodes

Profit From Your Podcast

Best Podcasting Gear – hardware and software used to make a Podcast.

Podcast Method – Making Podcasts Better

Podlords – Where we talk to Podcast Loyalty

Podcasting For Coaches – The name kind of says it all…

Podcasting Step by Step -Build your brand, expand your influence

Better Podcasting – A Podcast For The Hobbyist

Podcasters Roundtable – Discussing Issues Podcasters Face.

Get Your Podcast Reviewed


Shows on Hiatus (Podfaded)

Podcasting By The Numbers – brief insights and stats on the happenings in the podcast world.

Audience – An honest, unfiltered, and real-time view inside one brand's journey to growing an impactful podcast.

Pod Chat – Insights and Trends from Podcast Experts

Servant of Pod with Nick Quah – Producers, hosts, and executives that are shaping the culture of podcasting

Podcasting For Radio 

Podcast Coaching with Christine -Interviews top podcasters, and leaders in the podcasting industry

Inside the Podcast Studio – Behind-the-scenes interviews with successful Independent Podcasters

Pod Theory – Tips, strategies, guidance

Podcasting With Aaron – learning about podcasting

Podwrecked – Exploring the ebb and flow of the Podcast Industry

Dummies – We’re teaching the radio industry how and why they should be getting into podcasting

Podcasting Made Easy – Writing \ Design \ WordPress \ Podcasts

Podcast Whisperer – I can’t wait to hear your podcast!

The Podcast Report – Insights About Podcasting Paul Colligan

Because of My Podcast – Highlighting the Success of Podcasters – Dave Jackson

Podcasting Experiments – learn and explore how you can start and improve your skills.

Podcaster Lab – 5 days a week Yanni Lunga (in seasons)

Show Me Your Mic – Part of the SSKTN network (dead)

Podcast Producers – Very Well Produced podcast about the ins and outs of making a podcast

The Podcaster’s Podcast – Wayne from WCR Studios interviews other podcasters

The Show Runner – Jerod Morris, Jon Nastor

The Word From Mouth – Weekly insights on podcasting and audio –  Rob Sanchez.

Podience – interviews with some of the top vendors and developers in podcasting.

Podfader Tips on how to keep podcasting.

Podcast 411 – First Podcast about Podcasting started in 2004

The Podcaster’s Studio – Tips and Insights – Great Video Tips

Podcast Help Desk – Podcasting Technology – Michael Dell

Mike Murphy Unplugged – Mike Murphy talks about content marketing

Authority Engine – Accelerate Your Business with Podcasting

Perfect Your Podcast – How to Start and Perfect Your Audio Content

So You Want to Podcast – Podcast Strategies for Growing Your Business, Community, and Influence.

The Podcast Success Academy – Actionable audio influencer case studies to help you achieve your own version of podcasting success!

Pod to Pod -the go-to resource for all things podcasting

Podup Podcast – Podcast Industry

Studio – Professionalize your podcast sound

Podcasting Tutorial – How to podcast

Podcasting for Dummies – News and Companion Podcast

Podcasting Simplified – Learn how to start a podcast

Pod Genies – (apparently went back into their lamp)

Podcasting for Beginners with Ina Coveney – Podcasting for Beginners!

Podcast Your Business – strategies to launch, grow and monetize your podcast

The Anchor show – podcasting tips on the anchor platform

Podcasting Tools Show: Equipment, Software & resources for Podcasters/

So You Want to Start a PodcastOur mission is to encourage and equip you for excellence in podcasting.

Podcastification – Tips and Tricks and podcaster stories.

Good Morning Podcasters – Short marketing tips Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

The Podcast Dude – answer questions about podcasting

The Business of Podcasting Podcast – gives you the nitty-gritty of podcasting

Podcaster’s Group Therapy – Corey & Tawny  Fineran, Nick Seuberling

Podcaster’s Emporium – In-Depth discussion  -James Williams and Dave Gray (Last Podcast 10/2011)

The Podcast Guy – Dave Thackery (Podfaded)

Podcast Starter – Podcasting Tips and insights – James Kennison (Site Down?).

Podcasting Passion – Max Flight Interview Show

Power of Podcasting – Podcast Success Stories – David Jackson

Podcasting Advisor – Tips and Interviews About Podcasting -Andrew White (Last Podcast 3/2012)

Art of Podcasting – Podcasting How Tos – The Might Quin (Last Episode in May)

Be a Better Podcaster – Daniel M. Clark Podcasting insights (Last episode 9/2011)

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