Podcasts About Podcasting – The Never Ending List

Active "How to" Podcasts

School of Podcasting – Launch your podcast and grow your influence

Ask the Podcast Coach – Free podcast consulting with Dave Jackson and Jim Collison.

The Feed – Podcast news and insights from podcast media hosting company Libsyn.com

Your Podcast Consultant – Short lessons with Big Value

Podcast Review Show – Get honest feedback on your show.

Podcast Rodeo Show – Random podcasts – see how long you can hang on – reviews

Podcasting Resources – Spotlight Tools for Podcasters

Profit From Your Podcast – How to make money with a podcast.

The New Media Show – Hall of Fame Podcasters Todd Cochrane (Blubrry) and Rob Greenlee (Libsyn) talk podcast industry news.

Podcast Insider – Mike Dell and Todd Cochrane talk podcast and Blubrry news.

Podcasters Roundtable – Discussing Issues Podcasters Face.

Podcast Talent Coach – How to make engaging content with Erik K Johnson

Podcastification – Tips and Tricks and podcaster stories.

She Podcasts – Podcasting from a female point of view.

Podcast Engineering School – Podcast hardware discussions.

The Anchor show – podcasting tips on the anchor platform

Podcast Father – This is NOT Adam Curry. It's Jeff

Podcasting For Coaches – The name kind of says it all…

Podcraft – all about the entire art of podcasting.

Podcast Envy – It’s not about the microphone.

Big Podcast – The focus of Build A Big Podcast is to help you reach, expand, and develop your audience.

Podcast Reporter – Podcasting News

Podnews  – Considered one of the top sources for podcasting news.

The Business of Podcasting Podcast – give you the nitty-gritty of podcasting

Podcast Advertising Playbook -understand podcast advertising. 

Podcast Domination Show – How to launch a podcast, grow your audience and dominate podcasting.

Podcasting Q&A – tips and strategies to launch, grow, and monetize your podcast.

Podcasting Step by Step -Build your brand, expand your influence

Podcast Pontifications – Advancing the view that podcasting should be made better, not just easier.

Just the Tip – Podcasting tips for podcasters from a 25-year radio veteran.

Podland News – analyszing the news from the world of podcasting 

The Podcast Accelerator – Podcast education, industry insights and straight-talking reactions to podcasting news.

Better Podcasting – A Podcast For The Hobbyist

Your Podcast Coach – Creating Compelling and Professional Podcasts

Podcast Editors Mastermind – The Good, The Bad, and The Yeti

Podcasting Made Simple – Answering questions.

Podwrecked – Exploring the ebb and flow of the Podcast Industry

Podcasting Essentials – How to engage you audience through podcasting

Podcasting Made Easy – Writing \ Design \ WordPress \ Podcasts

Podcasting With Aaron – learning about podcasting

Pod Theory – Tips, strategies, guidance

Inside the Podcast Studio – Behind the scenes interviews with successful Independent Podcasters 

Your Podcast Mentor Show with Jonathan Jones – Title kind of says it all.

AudienceAn honest, unfiltered, and realtime view inside one brand's journey to growing an impactful podcast.

Plan, Launch, Grow Your Podcast 728x90

Podcasters Being Interviewed

Podcasting101– Interview of other podcasters

Podcast Junkies – Harry Duran has a great conversation with podcasters.

Podcasting Smarter – From the team at podbean.

Servant of Pod with Nick Quah – Producers, hosts, and executives that are shaping the culture of podcasting

Podcast Coaching with Christine -Interviews top podcasters, leaders in the podcasting industry

Podcasting For Radio 

Podcast Movement Sessions – Insights, news from Podcast Movement

Pro Podcaster Stories – Behind the scenes of pro podcasters

Causepods – Podcasts to raise awareness for a good cause

Occasional Episodes

Best Podcasting Gear – hardware, software used to make a Podcast. 

The Audacity to Podcast – The guts and tools to start and grow your podcast. 

Podcast Method – Making Podcasts Better

Podlords – Where we talk to Podcast Loyalty

Podcast Me Anything – An AMA all about podcast production and beyond

Free Podcast Consulting

Shows on Hiatus (Podfaded)

Dummies – We’re teaching the radio industry how and why they should be getting into podcasting

Podcast Whisperer – I can’t wait to hear your podcast!

The Podcast Report – Insights About Podcasting Paul Colligan

Because of My Podcast – Highlighting the Success of Podcasters – Dave Jackson

Podcasting Experiments – learn and explore how you can start and improve your skills.

Podcaster Lab – 5 days a week Yanni Lunga (in seasons)

Show Me Your Mic – Part of the SSKTN network (dead)

Podcast Producers – Very Well Produced podcast about the ins and outs of making a podcast

The Podcaster’s Podcast – Wayne from WCR Studios interviews other podcasters

The Show Runner – Jerod Morris, Jon Nastor

The Word From Mouth – Weekly insights on  podcasting and audio –  Rob Sanchez.

Podience – interviews with some of the top vendors and developers in podcasting.

Podfader Tips on how to keep podcasting.

Podcast 411 – First Podcast about Podcasting started in 2004

The Podcaster’s Studio – Tips and Insights – Great Video Tips 

Podcast Help Desk – Podcasting Technology – Michael Dell

Mike Murphy Unplugged – Mike Murphy talks content marketing

Authority Engine – Accelerate Your Business with Podcasting

Perfect Your Podcast – How to Start and Perfect Your Audio Content

So You Want to Podcast – Podcast Strategies for Growing Your Business, Community, and Influence.

The Podcast Success Academy – Actionable audio influencer case studies to help you achieve your own version of podcasting success!

Pod to Pod -the go-to resource for all things podcasting

Podup Podcast – Podcast Industry

Studio – Professionalize your podcast sound

Podcasting Tutorial – How to podcast

Podcasting for Dummies – News and Companion Podcast

Podcasting Simplified – Learn how to start a podcast

Pod Genies – (apparently went back into their lamp)

Podcasting for Beginners with Ina Coveney – Podcasting for Beginners! 

Podcasting for Business – strategies to launch, grow and monetise your podcast

Podcasting Tools Show: Equipment, Software & resources for Podcasters/

The Podcast Dude – answer questions about podcasting

Podcaster’s Group Therapy – Corey & Tawny  Fineran, Nick Seuberling

Podcaster’s Emporium – In Depth discussion  -James Williams and Dave Gray (Last Podcast 10/2011)

The Podcast Guy – Dave Thackery (Podfaded)

Podcast Starter – Podcasting Tips and insights – James Kennison (Site Down?).

Podcasting Passion – Max Flight Interview Show

Power of Podcasting – Podcast Success Stories – David Jackson

Podcasting Advisor – Tips and Interviews About Podcasting -Andrew White (Last Podcast 3/2012)

Art of Podcasting – Podcasting How Tos – The Might Quin (Last Episode in May)

Be a Better Podcaster – Daniel M. Clark Podcasting insights (Last episode 9/2011)