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Dave Jackson Podcast ConsultantHello,

My name is Dave Jackson. I have been podcasting since 2005, and I have helped hundreds of people start a podcast. When I do one on one consulting, I charge $199/hr. The problem is there is only one of me, and so many people who want to start a podcast (and only so many hours in the day). So I created the School of Podcasting to help people who want to start a podcast. Not everyone can afford my consulting fees (and there is only one of me to go around), so I took my experience and put it into step by step tutorials.

Other places that want to teach you how to podcast are run by salesmen. You don't take your car to your dentist to get it fixed, so why would to go to a salesman to learn? You go to an educator. Watch me save one of my client's HOURS of time.

When you join the School of Podcasting you get my years of experience at your fingertips, delivered in a format that you can consume at your own pace. Here is what you get:


Here is a list of some of the tutorials. Many of these are just a few minutes in length.

Step 1: Your Topic, Hosts Vs Co-host and Choosing Your Name
Get started in the right direction

Step 2: Choosing Your Hardware
In this 10 minute video we talk about choosing microphones, mixers, and more. We talk about some specifics on how to hook thing up

Step 3: Live Podcasting Vs Post Production/ Multi-Track
Understanding different recording styles and which one will work best for you

Step 4: Choosing a Sampling Rate
In this tutorial is a look at recording formats. We examine the pros and cons of higher recording sampling rates.

Step 5: Understanding RSS
What is it? How do I make an RSS feed? How do I update it? All answered in the video.

Step 6: Proper Recording Levels
Avoid Thin, Noisy Podcasts by Getting the Proper Levels without being Distorted.In this tutorial, start talking about plugging microphones and mixers in, what knobs do what, and which ones to use, and which ones to ignore

Step 7: Recording Test Shows
Before you get involved with hosting, you may want record a few test shows so you can see how much time this will take. The following tutorials will get your going with the software. It shows you how to record your voice (using the proper levels you learned in previous tutorials) and some of the tips and tricks of the software.

Step 8: Choosing Hosting
There is hosting for your website, and hosting for your media. We discuss the best hosts and why. We also examine free alternatives.

Step 9: Tagging, Reviewing, and Uploading Your Podcast
In this tutorial we review ID3 Tags, and go a bit more in-depth with the ID3 Tag tools, and we see how you can review your podcast in HALF the time.

Step 10 Entering Your Show Notes in WordPress
This includes: Installing WordPress, changing the theme, initial settings, adding images, adding audio). This tutorial shows you how to use the formatting buttons in WordPress, how to add your media files (mp3) to your post, how to add images, as well as how to put your podcast on “Auto Pilot” and have them post in the future.

Step 11:Entering iTunes Information into Your Feed
This tutorial shows how to setup your feed for iTunes

Step 12: Adding Subscription Buttons
This tutorial shows how to make it easy to subscribe to your podcast.

Step 13 – Communicating With Your Audience
This tutorial shows you how to set up an email account so your audience can communicate with you. It also discusses free solutions for voicemail,

Why Learn From Me?

Two words: I CARE. I've been leading people through technology for almost 20 years. I have a Degree in Education (specializing in Technical Education), but podcasting is my passion and I love to help people start successful podcasts. EX-DJs are charging twice as much.  While a DJ knows how to talk into a microphone, podcasting is really different (better) than radio. You can spend two months at the School of Podcasting and still pay less than other courses. You don't take your car to the dentist when it's broken so why go to a salesmen when you need to learn a new topic. You need a teacher. You need a coach. That's me. We are a “no jargon zone.”


In addition to the tutorials you will have access to the best resources on the Internet for Music, Graphics, WordPress Themes, Hosting, and all the other tools to create a successful podcast.

Why Start a Podcast?

You can reach a global audience for less than a $1 a day. Who needs radio or tv? You are the media now.

You will be seen as an expert in your field.

You can connect with like minded people, experts in your field, and build your own community.

You can boost sales (reports show 20%), and build your brand.

Build a loyal audience as you entertain, educate, and inform.

Earn money through sponsorships, and referral sales.

Maybe a better question is why aren't you podcasting?

Do me a favor will you? Let me help you.

There is no risk. Sign up, and if the site is not for you I’ll refund your money – no questions asked.

I look forward to working with you.



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