Recording Phone Calls Without Skype


Today I exposure my mistake using to record Kevin Bromber from so instead of embarrassing myself, (and the fact that Skype broke down), I used my “recount” of the interview with Kevin. We also get a last 5 in 5, and I announce some future shows.

Opening From Gary of

LAST 5 IN 5 Courtesy of Fred Castaneda

1. The Morning Announcements
2. Marketing Online Live
3. Podcast Tools
4. Podcasting Underground
5. Podcast Secrets (Premium). (check out )

Dave Talks About his conversation with Kevin Bromber The CEO and founder of (this was lost due to operator error). A new service that you can use that (as a Marquee user ) you can get high quality phone calls recorded (pricing on a case by case basis).

Of course, I could avoid all of this by using (you guessed it )

Other Sites Mentioned
Brian Dima and the Dima Cast
Voice Emotion Software

Coming in Future Shows:
Review of the Behringer Podcast Kit
Review of a Zoom H4.

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