Thanks to an older brother and sister, I was born a Beatles fan. When I watched the six-hour documentary Get Back I saw tip after tip that podcasters could benefit from. Today I'm sharing 15 of them

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15 Lessons For Podcasters From The Beatles

  1. There is room for improvement.

Creating good content is hard. There are rough drafts, dress rehearsals, director’s cuts, blooper reels, in other words, you don’t release the first time you make it through the very first episode. 

Mentioned: when is your podcast ready for the public?

2. Get An Objective Viewpoint

You need to listen to someone you are not related to or grew up with and get some feedback. The Beatles would record the same song over and over, they might think they did a good job. Yet, a producer would decide if the recording was a keeper or not.

3. Your Environment Affects Your Creativity. 

I never understood why people would buy microphones after microphones. It was because they weren’t happy/comfortable with the sound of their voice. This is distracting. I talk about why you naturally hate your own voice in an episode of Your Podcast Consultant

4. Don’t Put Unrealistic Expectations On Yourself. 

I’m still not sure why there was a deadline for this project. Originally it was going to be a live TV show. Then it was a live concert. The problem was there was a deadline of this recording at least 14-20 songs in two weeks. That’s insane. As I record this now it’s December 2021. If you’re trying to get a podcast out and have it ready for 2022, that is an aggressive goal. 

5. Doing A Live Show Takes Tons Of Practice.

You will get maybe 4% of your audience. Unless you want to look disorganized in front of your audience you need to rehearse a lot. 

6. Everyone Needs To Be Listened To And Feel Like They’ve Been Heard. 

George Harrison quit when all of his ideas were dismissed.  

7. Chemistry Is Important. 

The band acknowledges they are in disarray after their manager Brian Epstein died. They needed someone to be in charge. Paul McCartney tried to fill this role, but that lead to resentment. Also at one point after the keyboardist, Billy Preston is added they realize that we have two people doing the same thing. So on songs where Paul plays the piano, Billy played the organ. 

8. Being Late Is Disrespectful.
Show up when you say you’re going to show up. 

9. Be Inspired By Others. 

This can often inspire your own creativity. You see them in the studio not recording their own music but playing old music they played when they were young lads. 

If you get out of sync with your show/cohosts, go back to what works. For them, had done a ton of experimental recordings, and wanted to get back to being a band.

One of my favorite Paul McCartney quotes is the reason the Beatles music is so memorable is you had to remember them. There weren’t any phones, portable recorders in their bedrooms. You had to remember them. If you didn’t the song would fade away. If you want people to remember you then make memorable content. 

10. Capture Your Ideas. 

You hear snippets of music that would appear in songs later

11. They Pushed Themselves Out Of Their Comfort Zone. 

They didn’t want to do just another movie. Paul kept pushing this has to have a big crescendo – some sort of impromptu live performance. The Beatles hadn’t played live in front of people in quite some time. 

12. Just Because You Can’t Get It Anywhere Else Doesn’t Mean Its Good

One scene showed them naming old songs in a publishing company they had purchased.

Peter Sellers shows up and actually asks, “what are we doing here.” 

While we love seeing every second of new footage, I believe some editing could have helped. For instance when I just saw them record the song “Get back” three times on the rooftop, I then don’t need to watch them listen to themselves playing Get Back on the rooftop three times unless there was something special going on besides them smiling and tapping their foot. 

13. A Dramatic Pause Can Be Super Powerful

There is a great scene where George has left the band and the next day John Lennon hasn’t shown up and can’t be reached. The director asks something of Paul and Ringo, and at one point Paul says, “And there were two.” Thankfully the director doesn’t say a thing. You watch Paul fight back tears as you know he is starting to realize the wheels are coming off, and he’s scared.

14. Money Changes Everything

I saw an interview with John Lennon and he explained that after Brian Epstein had died, NONE of the Beatles knew anything about their finances or the business side of The Beatles. So if you have a cohosts, make sure that you have regular “business meetings” just to explain where money can in and where the money went out. The more people are informed about the money (and they don’t have to wonder, “How much money do we have?”) the better.

15. Under No Circumstances Should You Allow Yoko To Sing

I get it – you’re an “Artist.” Please be an “Artist” somewhere that is not here and preferable very far out from earshot. This is an example of why you need to have an OBJECTIVE view of your “Art.” Cause John wouldn’t tell Yoko, “Honey are you on fire? Did someone stick a hot poker in a very private place?” but someone not married to her might. 


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