This week we look at some stats from a recent Edison Research where we see that 32 million people listen to 6 podcasts a week (on average). 82 million people listen for 12 hours a week. We also here from Nocturnal from the nocturnal podcast where he explains how he was able to connect with his father (who recently died) because of his podcast.

Priceless Podcast Success

Chris from the Nocturnal Podcast started his podcast looking to connect to his audience. His first subscriber was his Dad. Chris shares how his podcast help build a bridge of understanding between Chris and his Dad. Check out his podcast at

Latest Podcast Statistics From Edison Research

139 Million Americans have Smart Phones

Fewer people who are listening to “traditional” radio listen on a traditional radio.

21% of people are streaming audio in their car.

Audio listening continues to increase each year.

53% of Americans (139 Million) own a smart phone.

For all the stats, click here from Edison Research

How To Link Your Podcast To iTunes

Kenn Blanchard asked about linking to his podcast page in iTunes. Here is a quick video.

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Daily Podcast Tips

Daily Podcast Tips! Put Your Inbox to Work

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6 comments on “Pricless Podcast Success – 192 Million Downloads A Week – Linking Your Podcast to iTunes
  1. Hi Dave,

    A really moving story about the chap that connected with his Dad again through a podcast, and if you helped to inspire him, don’t knock it. I think we all just get on with our own lives, doing our own things and sometimes, unintentionally, we really touch other people’s lives and resonate with them. I can vouch for this first hand, and if you’ve got 5 minutes to spare, you may find this article on my blog interesting:

    Cheers, Richard

  2. Richard,
    W O W. Thanks for sharing…

  3. JD Sutter says:


    You mentioned telling a client that they could get podcast cover art for about $50. Where is it that you can get custom art for that price?


  4. JD.
    It’s actually $30 at

    Becky is the best.


  5. JD Sutter says:

    Thanks Dave.

    I actually discovered her a couple weeks ago and she’s currently working on the art for my new podcast. So far, so good.

    When I heard you mention that the other day I thought maybe you knew of someone else.


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