Today we talk with Brian Mundy of which is a site that instead of using a WordPress theme, is using a tweaked Libsyn template.

In talking with Brian, he used an html editor (Dreamweaver) and copy and pasted the code from the Settings > Advanced area of Libsyn into Dreamweaver, tweaked it, and pasted it back.


Be sure to save the original version of the Libsyn site so if you mess things up, you always have a version to go back to. Then repeat this every time you have a “working” template.

Update: 1/29/18 Libsyn has a completely different (much better) Podcast page so that you don't have to follow the steps in this episode

Last 5 in 5

What were the last 5 podcasts you listened to?

Geologic Podcast (Comedy and Science for Skeptics)

This week in photogrpahy

Blowin Smoke (Cigar Podcast)

Mac Break Weekly

(OK, its a last 4 in 5, but it was 8 in the morning for Brian).

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