Are you trying to start a podcast but you can't seem to come up with something that is entirely new? Today we talk about how there are very few items that are entirely new. The iPod was just an upgrade of the Discman. The Discman was just an upgrade of the Walkman. The Walkman was just an upgrade of the 8-track tape. Typical something original is really  a few items that are old that have been combined with something of yourself to make it appear original. 

Because of My Podcast I Was Asked to Appear on TV: Wayne Henderson

Wayne Henderson deos a podcast about the Green Bay Packers, and he and his co-host were recently asked to appear on a TV show to talk some smack with some fans of the Seattle Seahawks.

International Podcast Day September 30th: Get Planning Your Podcast For Free

I have a fwe things going on to celebrate International Podcast Day:

  1. My “Planning Your Podcast” course at Udemy is free from now until 10/31/15. Use the coupon code ipd15
  2. I will be hosting an hour of live podcasting sharing “because of my podcast” stories and taking your questions

Castermind Group Podcast Coaching Now Accepting Applications

If you are looking for an accountability partner/mastermind, my “Castermind” is now accepting more podcasters. Here is who this is for and what to expect

  1. This is for the person who already has a podcast launched (if you need to launch your podcast, Join the School of Podcasting)
  2. This is a group coaching, so some of it will be answering questions, but it will also have a short lesson to help you build your audience.
  3. Each Castermind will consist of three people and myself.

If you are interested in applying, go to

The Courage to Be Creative Keynote Session from Podcast Midatlantic

I also appeared on the Podcaster's Rountable where we asked the question, “Why haven't you started podcasting?” This is similar to the talk I gave at Podcast Movement with a bit more emphasis on being creative. There are so many options when it comes to making a podcast. I look at them as ingredients. These are things you can mix together to come up with a unique show.


Short Term / Evergreen

Solo / Co-host

Mobile / Studio

Short / Long


Scripted / Imrov

Interviews or monologue

Your Delivery

Stereo / Mono

Fact / Fiction


Comedy / Serious

Expert / Journey

Local / Global

With all these ingredients I find it frustrating when people decide to name their show Librarian's On Fire? There is ONE person who should have the phrase “On Fire” in his podcast and it's John Lee Dumas. It seems an easy way out. What's next, the On Fire Answerman? Look, that's just my onion but I think we can do better.

“It is better to fail in originality, than to succeed in imitation. He who has never failed somewhere, that man can not be great. Failure is the true test of greatness. – Herman Melville

Originality does not mean thinking something that was never thought before; it means putting old ideas together in new ways.

The Only Way to Know How to Do a Podcast – Is To Do a Podcast!

There are some truths:

  1. It's harder than you think
  2. You will hate your own voice
  3. You will get more positive feedback than negative
  4. You will attract like minded people
  5. You will inspire, educate, and entertain people

But you can't do it without pressing record. Here is a tip I learned as amusician to take the pressure off.

Record your first episode, but realize that you will NEVER release it. This takes the pressure off, and you may find that without the pressure you are aren't half bad…

Start Podcasting Today

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  1. Hey, Friday the 13th Part 6 was great (says the guy who does a Friday the 13th podcast)…lol

  2. Steve says:

    This was very encouraging and helpful.

  3. Chris, My apologies. It was not my intent to offend 🙂

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