27 Million Americans Listen to Podcasts Every Week

Edison Research has been following Podcasting and Media for many years, and here is the latest

The report shows how people are turning to the Internet more and more for news and music.

More than half of the popular 53% (143 million people) listen to online radio at least monthly. The biggest growth is in those age 25 – 54

Those that listen, listen more frequently. The number of people that listen weekly has doubled over the last four years.

35% of Cell Phone Users have connected it to their car to listen

33% of people (approximately 89 Million) have listened to a podcast

55% of people consume podcasts on their smart phone

17% of the US listen to podcasts on a monthly basis (46 million Americans)

10% of people 12+ have listened to podcast in a last week. (27 million Americans)

Of the 10% who listen to podcasts, 23% listen to three, 22% listen to 2, 17% listen to four or five, and 15% listen to eleven or more (averaged 6 per week)

45% percent of podcast listeners have a college degree (compared to 33% of the total population)

52% of podcast listeners make more than $10o,000 a year

NBC won their evening with a 3% rating. The serial podcast was listened to by #5 of the population.

71% (192 million) of Americans have a smart phone

81% of people 25-54 own a smart phone

AM/FM Radio being used in the car dropped 5% from 2014 to 2015

Podcasting is increasingly mainstream, and Carving out a segment of highly attractive advertising segments






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