Today's episode is a special “Dual Episode” as Dave and “The Real Brian” from Profitcast take on the subject of what is needed to make money with your podcast. We got together to talk about three bullet points:

  1. Abundant vs Poverty Mindset 8:10
  2. Identifying the type of client or listener you want 23:50
  3. Invest in yourself and value yourself. 29:31

In the process of going into these bullet points, I expanded the talk to include a discussion of looking at our podcast. There are two sides of podcasting

  1. Podcast is the wild, wild West – and you can do WHATEVER you want.
  2. You need to focus on delivering value to your audience.

So this leads us into uncomfortable places as we love to be encouraging, but we need to be honest and let people know that podcasting does require work (especially if you're trying to deliver value for your audience).

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How to Overcome Negative Podcast Mindsets

If you take the time so that you KNOW you are delivering value, then you are confident in your content. If you are “guessing” that your audience will enjoy/grow your content, then your confidence is not as solid.

How to Identify Your Listener

There is no easy way around this, and it will probably get tweaked over time. You need to go out and meet your audience. This can be online, or in person, but you need to go meet your audience and make sure they exist. When you talk to people and you hear what they need, then you can deliver the best content.

How To Invest in Yourself

My first piece of advice would be to turn off the television. Television delivers very little value when it comes to helping your podcast earn money (unless you're watching Shark Tank, or The Profit). There are many ways to do this that require no money:

Taking time to read blogs

Going to Meetup

Getting books from the library

Watching relevant video on YouTube

All those things can benefit you in your understanding of your content, your market, and help keep you focused. There are tons of different courses. If you find one that you feel fits your needs, then take the course, and throw yourself 100% into it. Don't purchase another course, book, CDs, DVDs, until you finish that course and put those strategies into action.

Daily Podcast Tips

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