Rob Cesterino was on survivor back in the day, and over 10 years since survivor he has acquired the skills to create a podcast (both audio and video) that connect with his audience. How much does it connect? As of this publishing he has 536 patrons who are contributing $4,417.02 a month. Today he shares his insights into using Patreon, his podcast equipment, and the proper sequence to monetizing your podcast.

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Because of my Podcast I'm Networking with Great People

Johathan Downham  of the Critical Care Practitioner podcast explains how he is now able to talk to very interesting and importing people because of his podcast. He is simply using a USB microphone and Audacity software (which is free). Check him out at

When You Make Great Content People Share It [5:00]

tweet_mentionsI've said in the past that when you create great content people will want to share it. When you hit a nerve, when you impact them, the they are moved to want to share it. Last week I had a great episode that showed the power of a single connection. Jared Easley was the gust, and he ended up sharing the story on his podcast Starve The Doubts. The interesting thing is Steve Stewart forwarded me a message showing that someone had heard that episode and decided to connect with an old friend that they had not spoken to in 10 years.

If you didn't to last week's episode you can check it out here

Steve Stewart from Money Plan SOS Sent me a note how James Woosley is now connecting with an old friend who heard his name on the podcast.


Last 5 in 5

Rob Cesternino shares what were the last 5 podcast he listened to.

The Audible

Fantasy Underground

Boomer and Carton 

Tim Ferris

Smart Passive Income

Create Studio Academy Appearance [11:30]

I appeared on the Create Studio Academy podcast episode 15 where I talked about how to find your podcast audience.

Rob Cesternino Reality TV Expert[21:30]

Rob Cesternino has a great “Rob has a” brand and over the years he has taken his experience in television and web series production along with his “not everyone can say this” experience of being on the television show Survivor (10 years ago). He bring his own experience and personality to help people consume reality TV shows. You can find his podcast at Rob has won three podcast awards and over the years has taken advantage of the opportunities that have come his way. Some key points from the interview

“Dave I didn't have a very good plan…”

“I learned alot about what goes into a web series for 5 years”

He does both audio and video and in general the audio does better, but it depends on the topic.

He originally started with a very generic microphone and he had a Blue yeti microphone but didn't like it as it picked up a ton of background information. Now he uses a Heil PR-40.  (affiliate link)

He uses for this chat on his website

He chose to go the monthly flat rate on patreon (his primary monetization tool).

He also uses targeted affiliate products.

He has a facebook group to interact with his audience (for those who are patrons).

He shares what its like to be on the television show Survivor

He did his show for four years before trying to make money with his podcast.

The proper steps to using Patreon are creating great content, build your community, then market to that audience.

Rob does a good job of making his patreon a link off of show ( ) this way he controls the link.

Favorite Quote

“you don't have to be great to get started, but you have to get started to be great.” – Les Brown

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  1. Thanks for the mention in the show!

    Also, I love the dive into Patreon with Rob. I don’t think I’m ready yet (rather, that my audience may not be ready yet), but I’m definitely going to keep it in the back of my mind.

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