When Neil Hedley emailed me letting me know he would be going through my town and could he buy me dinner I jumped at the chance to hang out with a listener. I had no idea at the time that Neil:

Had exclusively done morning shows ever since, including six #1-rated shows in different markets in the US and Canada. Sprinkled among those years is time as a stand-up comic, singer, restaurateur, bestselling author, college professor, world record holder (that's a fun story), and a pile of other goodies including running Knopp Studios and hosting the Voice Inside My Hed (get it Hedley? Voice in my Hed…)

The more we talked, the more I thought I should have him on the show.

The Tips:

1 .Tighten Up
2. Rules can Help
3. Ums are normal
4. Every word matters
5. Learn how to Tease
6. Set a Benchmark for your podcast
7. Talk to one person

Check out Neil at https://knoppstudios.com/ where he has combined all of these past lives into a venture to you be a better content creator.

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2 comments on “7 Tips Podcasters Can Use From Radio with Neil Hedley
  1. Dan Smith says:

    Loved this episode, Dave. I was driving to work today and the episode ended. I didn’t want to start a new episode of anything with only a few minutes left until I got to work, so I switched to the radio and tuned in to the most popular local morning show. The lead guy said (and I’m not making this up), “So we’ve got the comedian so and so coming on at 8, stick around.” It’s what came next that floored me. “Why eight o’clock? Because comedians can’t wake up earlier than that and also, FEWER KIDS IN THE CARS.”

    Man, that took me right back to #2 on the list. That will probably always stick with me. Can’t wait to apply this stuff. Great episode!

  2. Dan,
    I’ve been using Alexa to pop into radio more frequently. It’s amazing the bad content I hear.

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