Today we focus on a new website that enables people to pay podcasters, and we also look into mp3 tags and show notes, and we also look into the iTunes guidelines that will have you getting kicked out of the iTunes podcast directory.

Flattr Wants to Help Podcasters Get Paid

This is a new service (started in 2010) that makes it easy for people to “flatter”.

Let’s say I put aside $10 a month to “Flatter” people with, and I click 10 different flattr buttons on websites.Each person gets $1. The more people I click, the smaller amount given to each. To “flatter” someone, when I visit their website I will have to login to my Flattr account, and from there it’s one click. In reading the idea behind flattr, the developers felt paypal donations required too much work. I’m not sure I agree with that.

Flattr is integrated with website, and also with the Instacast Podcatcing software for the iphone. Now users of instacast will be able to flatter the podcaster with one click in the app. There is also a setting in Instacast to allow it to flatter every podcast that the listener consumes in the app.  I was informed by some folks at flattr that ” podcasting is our most successful category, there’s a well-known German podcaster Tim Pritlove (he has at least one show in English too) who has publicly revealed that he makes €2500 (that should be over $3000) per month after tax. Oh, and for the Android users Podkicker Pro just integrated Flattr in a similar way.”

For podcasters using WordPress there is a plugin that will add a flattr button at the bottom of every post (or you can customize it). This was super easy to install and setup. (you can see this at the bottom of this post). The plugin also puts the flattr button in your feed (if you want).

Their catalog is not very cast at this point, and as people sign up they are going to want to flattr people so you might want to sign up while this is still growing.

MP3 Tags and Show Notes

ID3 tags are entered into the media (audio and video) before you upload it to the Internet. I typically put a summary of the show (entered into the comments section). Also be sure to enter an image. Two software titles I recommend is MP3 tag, and ID3 Editor ($15 Mac).

Show notes are typically a blog post where you should write about your episode (I try to do 300 words).

Getting Kicked Out Of iTunes

Her are the iTunes Submission Rules

  • Technical problems, usually the lack of episodes or the inability to download or play episodes. These problems can almost always be avoided by testing your feed using Subscribe to Podcast in the Advanced menu prior to submission.
  • Requirement of a login or password to access the feed or any of the episodes.
  • Strong prevalence of sexual content.
  • Use of explicit language in the title, description or cover art of the podcast.
  • Use of explicit language in the podcast when the <explicit> tag is not set to “yes”.
  • Apparent misuse of copyrighted material or other violation of third party rights.
  • Inclusion of offensive material, such as racist content or child pornography.
  • Misrepresentational use of Apple copyright, including “iPod,” “iPhone,” “iPad,” “Apple TV” and “iTunes.”

In general, if there’s something that you want to convey about your feed, please do so in the summary field in your RSS feed, not in the content of an episode

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3 comments on “A New Way For Podcasters to Get Paid – How to Get Kicked Out of iTunes
  1. Billy Delaney says:

    Hey Dave!
    Did Flattr and Apple ever work out something?
    I see you didn’t have the link at the bottom of the post, so I guess not.
    Good idea though.

  2. Dave Jackson says:

    No, and in general I think I’ve been flattrd less than $5 since this episode came out.

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    Include something controversial, but not too controversial.

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