Today I share a story where I took information I was going to publish as an episode but put it out as a newsletter instead as I was worried it would make me look Salesy. Today I share how I found out that message really resonated with my audience, and now I'm using it here.

I also share how getting a GOOD coach can save you TONS of time and HEADACHES and that is often WAY MORE than the price you are paying.

Coaching Benefits


  • Avoid common mistakes
  • Learn the shortcuts you only learn from doing
  • If you're in a community, you get to network with or creators

All of the above can lead to less stress and more production.

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My Experience Working With a Coach

School of PodcastingI knew in 2024 I wanted to boost my YouTube activity. I started using Ecamm Live. It’s a very powerful tool that I can use for Live streams, YouTube videos, and videos for the School of Podcasting. Cool.

I saw where hooking up a Streamdeck would make things even more fun. One night I stayed up to about 2 AM playing with the Streamdeck and coming up with new activities I could tie to a button. Weeeeeeee!

When I started to use these new tools live, well you know how I always say “The good ones make it look easy”? This is true for livestreaming as well. I have been live streaming for years, but not while facing 32 buttons and endless options. So what were my options? Continue to practice, practice, practice, or (to speed things up) hire a coach.

I purchased a membership to the Take One Academy (aff) from Alec Johnson and I love the courses, but here is the real value. I was trying to set up a shot where I would be on the left and would have bullet points on the right. Long story short, I was down a pretty deep rabbit hole and I thought, “I bet Alec knows.” He does group coaching and the next day I asked my question, and he showed me how to do it. When I say the next step I was going to take was NOT CLOSE AT ALL to the solution, I mean this 5-minute call saved me hours of troubleshooting.

Yes, his membership costs $199/month and is more money than I have ever spent (outside of College) for education. So yes, I’m spending money, but I’m saving LOTS of time, and in the end that time can be used to market my business which in the end will bring me in the money to pay for the courses.

One last bonus to any community with live coaching, I am making relationships with other people who are live streaming and you know what they are looking into? How to make their live stream into an audio podcast.

Need a coach for your podcast? I know a guy (me) who offers unlimited podcasting coaching and you can save 20% using this link.

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