Today, I'll discuss the importance of taking a positive and persistent approach to podcasting. I play guitar, and one of the reasons I'm pretty good at it is my attitude when learning to play. Share how you can do the same in podcasting. This will get you further than launching and keep you going.

In this episode, I share stories from his insightful visit to the Content Entrepreneur Expo, revealing varying opinions on the use of AI in content creation. We'll explore how consistently honing your podcasting skills can lead to significant breakthroughs, as demonstrated by Jen Hardy.

From the power of perseverance, learning new skills, and leveraging humor and storytelling to strategic content mixing and effective use of technology, this episode is packed with guidance to help you thrive in the competitive podcasting arena.

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My Attitude Changed How I Played The Guitar

I started playing the guitar when I was 11. I bought a crappy guitar to start, but then I bought a Gibson SG like the one used by Angus Young in AC/DC. I had the exact same guitar. So when I heard their music, they weren't doing anything I couldn't do. The notes were on the fretboard. I just had to find them. All I needed was time and persistence.

Your Podcast Attitude

You have the same opportunity as any celebrity. It's not like a radio station that can transmit longer than a weaker signal. We have an RSS feed and the Internet. We can go anywhere on the Earth.

Podcasting is made up of a few ingredients.


  • Educate
  • Entertain


  • Laugh
  • Cry
  • Think
  • Groan

There is another ingredient that most people don't mention, including me, but it is out there, and that is luck. We hate to think we need luck.

That old saying is, “The harder I work, the luckier I get.” There is also “Luck is when preparation meets opportunity.” However, some people just happened to be in the right place at the right time. You DO need to have the skills to grab and hold someone's attention. In today's society, we need to steal someone's attention. It's not the other podcasters who are our competition, but Streaming Services, Sports, Gaming, Music, Book, TV, and more.

I say this not to make you worried but to understand that when you first start out, things may not grow as fast as you like, but it's not that your show is bad. It's good. It might be very good. To steal someone's attention it needs to be great. When you see something Michael Hyatt calls “Wow content” in his book platform, take a second and identify why it grabbed you.

Change It Up To Make It Your Own

I just found a video from Brittain Got Talent of Sydnie Christmas singing the song Tomorrow from the Musical Annie. As soon as she announces the song, Simon Cowel audibly moans as he has heard that song a million times.

He pauses a while before starting. This creates tension. Then when she starts to sing, she changes the timing a bit of the song, and her singing voice is WAY different than her talking voice. So you have a few things catching that got you hanging. Will Simon like it? and What is going on with her voice? The she changes the melody ever so slightly so that your brain go, “Oh wait, that's new.” The second verse sounds like a gospel song. One the chorus again, she changed one note. Just enough to keep you engaged. Then she starts to let it loose, and you now realize this girl does have talent, and the audience can't help but applaud. She now owns the song, and agains shakes it up by going from belting out the song in full voice to almost whispering at the end. Suprise. Spoiler alert she got the golden ticket.

So, while we recognized the song, Sydnie made it her own. I'm sure this is based on her influences.

This brings us to AI/Chat GPT

I attended the Content Entrepreneur Expo in Cleveland this week. This came out of my own pocket. Most of the events I got to I'm working for Libsyn, but this one was all me. I wasn't speaking. I just went to attend. Before this event I attended an online event from Podfest about AI and I can say there are two schools of thought that I see.

  1. Using Ai as an assistant. You can use it to brainstorm, and shape your content. This seems to be the agreed upon “best practice.”
  2. The second school of thought is that you do very little, and AI does the rest. Over and over, I heard how the idea of doing next to nothing and having AI do everything AND the dishes does not necessarily provide WOW content.

Practice, Practice, Practice Adjusting Attitudes

I saw this on Reddit, “I am trying to create my own podcast, but I'm having trouble with my speech and the way I actually wanna talk about my topics. I wanna do semi-educational comedy episodes on topics that interest me. my first episode is to be about a specific beetle. So far my approach for this is basically a Wiki reading but I don't really like that approach. I wanted to try something more akin to people like Casual Geographic and Lindsay Nikole (The zoologist) but my with my own comedic twist and in the form of a podcast on which I will sometimes get guests.”

Stop a second. I'm going to throw out a couple of topics, and I want you to think about the first time you did them.

Tie your shoe

Ride a bike

Get behind the wheel of a car

Get on the freeway alone

Give someone a real kiss

You have continued to get better at these skills as you keep doing them.

Podcasting is no different.

You get better at it the more you do it. Figure out where you want to go, pinpoint that target, and keep trying.

There are many pieces, such as length, schedule, vibe, delivery, content, branding, and luck.

Podcast Growth


Chapter Markers:

00:00:18 – Opening
00:00:55 – Changing Your Attitude
00:03:12 – Got a Mentor
00:03:51 – Attitude Change
00:04:54 – Podcast Ingredients
00:05:27 – What About Luck?
00:06:30 – Stealing Attention
00:08:22 – Wow Content
00:08:49 – Sydnie Christmas
00:11:50 – Use Your Voice
00:12:31 – AI Best Practices
00:17:18 – My Podcast Needs to Be Better
00:18:58 – Take Another Swing
00:19:33 – The First Time You…
00:23:04 – The Pieces Fall Into Place )
00:24:55 – BJ Novak at CEX
00:29:58 – Join the School of Podcasting
00:30:58 – NEW SHOW: Your Podcast Website
00:31:15 – How Much Did My Show Grow From Last Week?
00:32:52 – 18% Came From My Newsletter
00:36:18 – Leave Feedback
00:36:36 – Podcast Rewind: Soundoff Podcast
00:37:29 – Question of the Month
00:38:31 – Live Appearances
00:39:03 – The Notes Are There…
00:40:48 – The Wallet Story

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