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If you can't afford the expense of some pricier podcast equipment, you might try Same Day Music.

My Zoom H4 died (it got throw across the room when the cords got stuck on my feet). I'm thinking of buying a Roland R-05. The bad news is its $250. The good news is if you use Same Day Music they offer a two payment plan (two payments of 125). While this does not make the equipment any cheaper, it does take the one large fee, and break it into multiple payments without paying high finance fees.


Customizing Your WordPress Dashboard

Todd Cochran is a great guy. He is the CEO of RawVoice, and the man behind the (who produce the PowerPress plugin, as well as offer media hosting, and stats – GREAT STUFF). If you are like me you may want items such as comments, links, drafts, but not the WordPress news, and other items. You can completely customize the dashboard of WordPress. You can also resize the box that you are typing in your show notes. Just put your mouse on the bottom right hand corner (the mouse will change to a double pointer).

Now if you want to keep Todd, you can, These boxes can be dragged around and relocated on the screen. maybe you want Todd closer to the bottom of the page. If you have comments set up to be manually approved you can have those be at the top of the page.

 Stopping the Same Commercial From Being Boring

Special thanks to Marcus Couch of for this tip.

If you have struck a deal to mention a product in a few episodes, and the sponsor has provide a paragraph for you to read hear are some things you an do to stop if from sounding like the exact same script.

1. Make your recording 25, or 55 seconds long. Its easy to find music in time segments of 30 and 60 seconds. BY having the music be a little longer than the spot, you can have the music come in before the spot, and last a little long than the spot for built in transition music.

2. Take production music (like this free music you can get and only pay for the shipping) and mix in different music. Then export it to a wav file to put into your episode. Take out the original music and insert another track. Different music can give the advertising spot a completely different feel, and even though the audience is hearing the exact same words, they may not realize it due to having different music.

3. Swap the different version in each episode and the audience doesn't get bored hearing the same thing.

Daily Podcast Tips

Daily Podcast Tips! Put Your Inbox to Work

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  1. If you get tired of dragging the corner of your post edit box in WordPress, just go to Settings | Writing and change the number next to “Size of the post box” from 10 to 25. Save the changes and see whether that’s big enough; if not, increase the size of the number.

    You can also get a full-screen editor by clicking the expand-screen button in the visual editor (second from right in the top row, with arrows pointing to the four corners).

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