Audio Technica AT2005USB Review

Condensor USB microphones picked up too much room noise, had echo issues, poor signal strength, and only worked with your computer (so if you later moved to a mixer it became a paper weight). Today I talk about the Audio Technica AT2005USB ($78 at Amazon) and it's little brother the ATR2100-USB ($49 at amazon). That solve these issues:

1. Dynamic (not condensor) microphones that pick up less room noise
2. No echo issues
3. Great signal strength
4. Operates as a USB AND an XLR microphone (works with a mixer).

While I originally thought this might be a good “starter” microphone, I put it up against an Electrovice RE320 ($266), a Sure SM58, and the Audio Technica AT2005 ($78)  keeps up with all of them (A great warm sound with plenty of clarity). Best of all, it's little brother the Audio technica ATR-2100 USB is “pretty much” the same mic (no carrying case, and it's silver not black) clocks in at $49. I'm very impressed. It provides Heil PR40 sound quality at 1/4 of the price.

If you were recording skype, you plug your headphones into the microphone and you will hear your voice as well as the other people on skype. If you need to adjust the volume of your headphones there is a knob on the bottom of the microphone.

This way you have a “Starter” (more like keeper) microphone that can grow with you in the event you later want to add a mixer to your podcast setup.

Audio Technica 2005 USB XLR MIcrphone Bottom

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Free Skype Recorder Vs PowerGramo

Today we hear that when your ORIGINAL file is an mp3 file and then you save it later as an mp3 file. You always want to record all parts of your podcast as a wav file (or aiff on a Mac). Then when you mix down the final episode as an mp3 it sounds the best it can be.

ifree Skype recorder

Powergramo (professional)

Powergramo allows you to save it as a WAV file wich means what you hear is what you recorder. An mp3 files is compressed and cuts some of the quality. If you have the budget, I would go with Powergramo. I typically record my skype calls with my portable recorder (video showing how).

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7 comments on “An Affordable Podcast Microphone That Solves All Podcast Issues Audio Technica AT2005USB Reviewed
  1. Brad Bruce says:

    There must be something I’m missing here. The ATR2100 has the same specs, costs less and has a warranty. Is having a black microphone worth the extra money? The only thing I can think of is that the AT2005 might fit standard microphone clips. The A-T rep did state that the switch on the AT2005 was better. $30 better, I don’t think so.

    There’s got to be something this amateur is missing.

  2. Dave Jackson says:

    and you get a lovely leather zipper pouch. ooooh.

  3. I seem to remember when the AT2005 was first introduced that the main distinguishing point from the cheaper ATR2100 was that the AT2005 was super cardioid vs. cardioid for the ATR2100, however, when I go to their site now, I don’t see that the AT2005 is listed as super cardioid.

    I bought 2 of the ATR2100’s and I’m really pleased with the purchase. I also bought a new Shure SM7B, and I hate to admit it, but the sound quality is not that much different.

  4. Will says:

    Hi Dave,
    I’m thinking of geting this Audio Technica AT2005USB but I do not know any stand that will fit it.
    Please can you reply with your thoughts.

  5. Dave Jackson says:

    It comes with a little desktop stand. It is a standard sized microphone. If you use a mic clip. I have stands listed at That clip will fit most any mic stand. -Dave

  6. If you’re room is a bit too “live”, then I found a great solution when I re-modelled my study. I use my study for recording and editing podcasts and with a wooden floor it was way too reverberant.

    I discovered some wall artwork that were also proper acoustic absorbing panels. They work brilliantly (I use a condenser microphone the Rode NT1A) and they look really cool:

    I also use an anti-reflection filter to help matters along a little.

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