Andrew Zarian started podcasting in 2009. Today he shares his story and his insights on how he great the Guys From Queens Network from a hobby (“My first podcast was awful”) into a his full time job. The interview is around 50 minutes long and in it you will learn.

  • You have to focus on building your audience before you can monetize it
  • It was almost a year and a half before he was approached by a sponsor
  • There is a lot of prep that goes into shows about technology
  • While he gets a big spike by producing a live show, for every 10 people that listen to the recording there are 3 people who caught it live.
  • Matching the right sponsor to the podcast is crucial for success.
  • He is using for to help him with finding sponsors.
  • You need to prove you are bringing traffic to your sponsor
  • If he had to do again, he would probably rename his network.

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