Today I talk about my experience with which is a Free Podcasting Media Host that does the following to your podcast:

1. Converts your mp3 file to Japanese. UPDATE: This has been fixed

2. Converts your audio (I believe to 64 kbps) I'm still checking on this.

3. They show you how to submit their RSS to iTunes (which would “Marry” you to them).UPDATE: They will redirect your feed is you decide to leave.

4. They rename your audio file to a bunch of numbers like 49493.mp3

5. They do not offer unlimited storage.

I lump this media host along with, as hosts to avoid. Instead, use or

ID3 Tagging on Tablet

Audio Tagger will allow you to do ID3 tags on a tabelt.

and ftp program allows you to upload media via FTP on your tablet.

Thanks to Charles from Bear Crawling Nation podcast.

Getting Audio Into Audacity (12:15)

1. Mic directly into computer

2. Mic into a portable recorder.

3. USB device (microphone or interface) directly into computer

Starting with Affiliate Marketing

Thanks to Scott from for this question. Here are some affiliate resources.

1. Commission Junction

2. Share a Sale

3. Link Share

 Also Mentioned in this Episode

Covenant Eyes – Protect Your Family

I mentioned I had an “Eye Problem” you can read about it (and see my sexy eye patch) at

Daily Podcast Tips

Daily Podcast Tips! Put Your Inbox to Work

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