Today we talk about the freedom that podcasting provides, we hear about a pothole with Microsoft Word we should avoid, we hear the wonderful tones produced by the Aphex Project Channel, a resource for $10 Podcast Album Artwork, and we talk about the joy of community.

Because of my Podcast… I Get to Share What is Important [2:00]

Caleb of the Man Show explains how he works in the “main stream” media but truly enjoys the freedom of podcasting and the ability to share what he feels is important to a global audience. He gets to help motivate and connect with his audience at

I apologize for getting your name wrong.

We Need Podcasting [4:30]

Jamie Oliver has got McDonald's to change their recipe for making hamburgers after it has been ruled “unfit for human consumption.” Now the media isn't covering this story. Why? because it is estimated that McDonald's spends 1 Billion  dollars a year in advertising. If you are a network, would you bite the hand that feeds you 1 billion times? Watch this video from Jamie Oliver that explains what happens to beef.

School of Podcasting Member Spotlight

OUtside Health and FitnessOn the Outside Health and Fitness Podcast we explore new and fun ways to get fit on the trail, on the water, on the slopes and outside. Check it out at

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Don't Use Microsoft Word To Do Your Show Notes [9:30]

I was listening to The Feed (the official “podcast about podcasting” from media host and it is just chock full of info, one tip was not to use Microsoft Word to write your show notes and then copy and paste them into WordPress. In a nutshell Microsoft Word includes a bunch of extra code that when pasted into WordPress can make your feed invalid. For more great tips check out The Feed at

For more Podcast about Podcasting check out

Aphex Project Channel Review [14:28]

The Aphex Project Channel is a mic preamp with an optimal compressor and patented Aural Exciter and Big Bottom. The compressor is super easy (one knob) and you simply adjust it up for more compression. You can see in the meters how much the compressor is working. It also has phantom power and a low cut filter. My favorite is the big bottom and aural exciter. Why? Because you can choose what frequencies to boost (so you can Taylor it to your voice). This works for both the “big bottom” and the Aural Exciter (adds clarity). Aphex is all about making things easier, and sounding great without having to be a sound engineer to use their products. The Aphex Project Channel is listed at $499 at Amazon If you just want a unit that provides the “big bottom and Aural Exciter” they have those for $299

[easyazon_link identifier=”B004NDHWN8″ locale=”US” nw=”y” tag=”sop2-20″]Aphex Exciter Rack Mount Exciter Processor[/easyazon_link]

I currently use a DBX 286a (which they replaced with the 286s), which has a vocal enhancer, and a noise gate (cuts out background noise) but I don't get to choose the frequencies (only the amount of the boost). If I wanted an Aphex unit with the ability to to dial in the frequency along with a compressor and a noise gate, you would want to purchase the Aphex Chanel Master which has about every bell and whistle on it for $799 (currently at Amazon). In the same way that the Heil PR40 is the “Cadillac” of podcast microphones, the Aphex Channel Master is on a lot of people's wish lists.

What is a Noise Gate? [23:00]

At an amusement park, there is typically a “you must be this tall to ride the ride” sign. A noise gate is “saying” you must be “this loud” to be on the recording. This way background noise (like a computer fan) does not make it on to the recording when you are not talking. Is this needed? You can get by without them (you can do this with software as well).

Your Podcast Questions Answered [28:00]

Why don't you use iTunes to “tag” your files?
Because mp3 files that are tagged using iTunes don't display the album artwork in the windows media player. I use mp3tag for the pc, or id3 editor on the mac.

Where do you get your music?

My opening singing ladies is from Music Radio Creative. Alot of my background music is from a video site that has full CDs of music (with different version). They say its free music, but in reality you pay $8 for shipping the CD. You can also purchase single tracks from Amazon for .99. I have a list of audio options in our Podcast Resource Section.

$10 Podcast Album Artwork [36:00]

There is a new service that allows you to design your own podcast album artwork for $10. It's web based software that you just drag and drop your image and text into place. I will be reviewing this next week, but my initial thought is that its not the tool – but who is working the tool. This could be a great resource, but if you don't have a designer's eye, you may not be getting the best album artwork (the image that shows up in iTunes is called album artwork). It does look easy, and if you're on a tight budget this might be a way to go.

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Check it out at

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6 comments on “Aphex Project Channel Review – The Warmth of Community
  1. Great warning about not pasting text from Word into a WordPress post. I’d also caution pasting into the visual editor from most Email clients as well. Your suggestion of pasting that text first into Notepad and then copying and pasting it into WordPress is a good one.

    Another good way to handle the issue, though, is to use WordPress’ Text window. When you’re creating a post WordPress defaults to the Visual window so it’s easy to add bullets, numbered lists, etc. If you just click on the word Text on the tab just on the upper right corner of the box in which you create your post content, you’ll have a text-only window into which you can safely paste any content at all. If there are weird items at the top of what you pasted (there usually isn’t) you can easily delete it. Then just click on the word Visual and all your standard fonts, etc. will have been applied and you can continue working with your post.

    Love the show. Keep up the great work!

  2. I’ve had two Aphex 230’s in my studio for years. Nothing trumps the Aphex sound, IMO. Of course, I’m fond of compression. Some aren’t. On my voice I’ve got to turn the Big Bottom all the way down. My bottom is already big enough! 😀

  3. Thanks for the tips. Dave

  4. Randy,
    Thats why I loved the ability to tune the frequency. Its not a one size fits all.

  5. Tellis says:

    The Big Poppa of podcasting. Awesome intro on this episode. Keep it up and keep it real like you have been.

  6. Thanks Tellis. Got to keep it fun.


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