Today I have the joy of interviewing Jessica Kupferman and Elsie Escobar from the Podcast called She Podcasts and now they have launched a specific Podcasting School of Women ($997). This segregated approach lead some men going, “Do we need a special school of Women?” and the answer (according to Jessica and Elsie is yes.

Podcast Rewind – Dee Snider on Radio

2:21 Today I play a small clip from Dee Snider's Snider's Comments podcast (iTunes) who explains how radio is so bad, that people PAID MONEY to NOT listen to it. Satellite radio requires more hardware in a time when everything was going to the phone. My favorite part is Dee asks, “Name me three people in their 20's that are listening to Satellite Radio.”Dee's show is on Podcast One, and is available at and iTunes

Why a School of Women?

You may not be aware of this, but Men and Women are different. Men like to get to the point, and Women love details. In today's episode, Jessica reveals a story where she asked a man about her show and his answer was to shorten the episode length and do more of them.  When she shared this with her female audience, they told her “NO! Don't DO THAT!”

In some cases, Men “getting to the point” with their answer may come across as “salty.” It may come across as impatient, and short. When a man answers a question he has good intentions (we love to fix stuff) and yet the delivery of the answer may not connect with everyone.

For the record, there are plenty of women podcasters (the women who are listening need to get their friends listening to BOOST the AWARENESS of women podcasters, as well as shows geared towards women.

Never Forget It's Your Show

Does this mean you need to be more politically correct when you speak into the microphone? One should never knowingly, intently say things to hurt people. However, in a world that is getting more and more sensitive – you're going to offend someone. You are the best at being YOU, and if speaking a certain way doesn't come naturally it may hurt your performance. It may cause you to overthink topics.

One of the things I LOVE about She Podcasts is that I AM SO NOT THEIR TARGET AUDIENCE. Case in point, in one episode Elise admits she has a crush on someone. I don't think you'll hear that between Ray, Daniel, and myself on the next episode of the Podcasters Roundtable. And you know what? That is ABSOLUTELY OK!. You are NOT going to please everyone, and if you try your show will lose in the end.

Elise and Jessica were contemplating letting dudes into their private Facebook for women only. I APPLAUD them for NOT letting men in. It's THEIR group, and they can handle it any way they want. You can always make your own group.

How Did They Start?

Jessica and Elsie met at a business school and often crossed each other past. When Jessica heard that Elsie was podcasting she immediately connects with her. It wasn't long until they noticed there was no “female – podcast about podcasting.” So they thought, “We should make one,” and they did.

One Passion Different Approaches

When I listen to the show, Elsie (who has a background in Yoga) and Jessica (who may across as “Feisty”) compliment each other well. Jessica is always ready with a joke, and Elise has a completely infectious laugh. According to their website, “Jessica Kupferman is an online business consultant who helps small business owners and solopreneurs find their voice, create irresistible online products and design their business by their own rules. Elsie Escobar is a digital Jedi, working in the mystical paradox between tech and holistic living choosing podcasting and the magic of audio as her weapon of choice.” It's a great mix.

What To Expect at the Podcasting School For Women?

podcasting_school_for_womenJessica is using her branding and marketing experience and uses it to tie into Podcasting. Instead of “how to use Facebook” it is now “How to use Facebook for podcasting.”

Elise can help with the Technical end as well as get the confidence to press record.

Thee are insights into how to handle guests.

Elsie set up the course so that you examine yourself first. This way you can understand who you are, how you will react, and prepare accordingly.

They also go back and explain what is a podcast so they can explain it to their audience.

The lessons are live but recorded so you can listen later.

Other Podcasting Resources

If you don't' currently have the budget ($997) for the school, you can join their Private She Podcasts Facebook Group for free.

They will also be doing a full day session at Podcast Movement (save on your ticket to Podcast Movement – the event – using the code sop)

You can also list your show in their She Podcasts Directory


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4 comments on “Are You Aware of the Women in Podcasting?
  1. It’s funny that Jessica got that advice to shorten her episodes to increase downloads. That’s totally true—split content to publish more episodes episodes and your downloads per time period could double, triple, or more! But that’s just a numbers game. The downloads per day/week/month may increase, but the audience may stay the same.

  2. Amy Robles says:

    Loved this episode! I thought I was the only one juggling Mom tasks of wiping noses, getting sippy cups filled up and wiping bottoms ALL WHILE podcasting.

    In the middle of being the guest on another show my daughter, 3 yr-old at the time, had been properly prepped and came in pounding on the door screaming, “You never buy me GRAPES! YOU NEVER BUY ME GRAAAAAPES!”

    (And yes, we go through the checklist before every interview.)

    All I could do was laugh. Apologize. Get her settled down and get back to it.

    I have yet to hear of ONE man that has had that kind of interruption. Have you, Dave? Do you think this is a Mom thing or is there someone in your audience that has had a similar experience trying to parent and podcast?

    It’s interesting to see different approach women take to podcasting that men have never even considered before. That’s one of the reasons I love that group!

  3. Amy,
    I have had my phone go off from my wife, but she wasn’t complaining about Grapes. Nobody is crying or screaming, and I’ve never been called to do an emergency butt wipe. So, yeah. Men have it easier in some ways.

  4. Dave – great topic thanks for brining it up. Would love to hear your thought’s as well as Elsie and Jennifer’s on these two articles I was reading this week thanks to your show.

    From February 2013

    From February 2015

    Another thing I found interesting is that we did a hangout panel the other night – – and found it interesting that the men all had there web cams on (don’t knock my sheet I was painting the office) and the ladies did not. Why is that?

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