Today I share a story about getting outside of your comfort zone, and we talk with the Real Brian about how his podcast has lead to him getting paid to host two more.

Donnie Pushed Publish On His Podcast.

I got this email in my inbox:

Hello Sir,
I am writing this to simply introduce myself and say a big Thank You!

Not long ago I was inspired to begin a daunting task of creating a podcast. I have listened to numerous ones over a varied topic span ever since the beginnings of the podcast. So I decided to bite the bullet and give this a go. With thoughts of what fun this could be and eager to learn some new skills I ventured forth into the “glamorous” world of podcasting.

Your show has been a go-to for every topic I can imagine. I glean over past episodes for the struggles I am currently facing and words of encouragement along the way. Simply put, it has been indispensable in this process.

With that said, I do need to mention that I already belong to JLD's Podcaster's Paradise and the information there has been helpful also, albeit a little pie in the sky- esque. I am a loyal listener now of your show along with the Podcasters Studio and Roundtable. This week I listened to the Glen the Geek almost every day on the long drives between day job customers. All I can say is WOW. That episode really hit home.

The show I have created focuses on the Craft Beer community. I am based out of Knoxville, TN so my main goal was to break into the local scene. I am around 5 episodes deep in the editing process and have just released my first show to my website and submitted to iTunes this week. I have broken the procrastination mold of not releasing due to trying to ‘make it perfect'. I realize we all have to start somewhere and I have finally made that big step. Now to grow and promote, along with get much better every time I am behind the mic.


My Reply

Awesome. You have done what so many people have failed to do, you hit publish. No matter what people say from this point forward, you put it out there, for better or for worse, you hit publish. I'm so glad I inspired you because this email may have just inspired me for my next episode. Do you mind if I read you e-mail on the show?

Some steps you can take are to go find your beer peeps. See if there are local brewers (guessing here, not my niche), etc. Be sure to make friends before you start pimping your show (or they won't care).

Congrats, and do everyone a favor and put a link to your in your signature.


Keeping My Integrity at Podcamp Pittsburgh.

podcamp_pittsburghSo I attended a session on basic audio editing. I could see that the audience at this event were brand new to Podcasting. At the end of day one, I asked if there were any open slots (as they just filled one) and they stated they didn't At dinner that night with Krystal, Nick, and Kim, they said I should do a session. It turns out at Podcamps, anyone can speak anywhere. I resisted. As the former director of podcasting for the new media expo, I know what goes into planning and running a show. I just pictured some guy coming up and saying I'm speaking tomorrow at 11 and my brain exploding. Chris Brogan (one the creators of PodCamps) and I asked him if adding sessions was allowed, and sure enough, it was. In fact, it was encouraged.

But still, I resisted.

There I was standing on the edge of my comfort zone.

I mean that seems like such an ego move. “Hey, I'm here and I'm going to speak!.” This is the wrong attitude. It's valid, based on my experience, but I needed to be open for new information.

I had just seen with my own eyes how this group desperately needed a podcasting 101 type of talk. Nick continued to nudge, and I thought of my email to Donnie.

This meant believing in myself (I've been doing this 10 years, and as a computer instructor I have to be light on my feet and go with the flow on a regular basis), and of course…

Nobody was going to punch me in the face.  (thank you Ryan K Parker of )

So I did it

I had a group of 7ish, and Krystal from Libsyn parascoped it to another 50ish. I had 9 words on a piece of paper and just used my knowledge. Was I nervous? Sure. I did zero rehearsal.

At the end of day two, I was thanked by the founders for doing that session.

The Real Brian – Podcasting Has Put Me Where I Am

Brian is the host of Profitcast and he was doing some research

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