Today we are talking about Podcasting in a round about way. We are talking about my recommended software for podcasting which is WordPress. Recently WordPress had a major upgrade, and in some cases your upgrade may not have gone so smooth (my site was down for a short bit, but up with some help from the community).

While I had been using a free plugin that backed up my wordpress database, its not the easiest tool to restore (put back) all the files you have backed up. Then I found out about a premium plugin call backup buddy. This plugin makes backing up your system a snap (it can store your backup via ftp, via email or now via Amazon S3), it can also backup your ENTIRE WordPress system, or just the updates since your last backup. that is cool. However, many of the free systems will backup your WordPress (not all of it, but most of it) and email it to you.

Backup Buddy makes its super easy to restore your files. You simply upload two files (one is kind of a “starter” file, the other files is your backup) and it recreates everything. You can specify your WordPress database, and it does the rest. It is $45 for a single user license, but well worth the peace of mind it delivers.


While backup buddy is a fine plugin, when I had large wordpress installs I occasioally had issues. I now recommend ManageWP as a great tool for backing up yoru show as well as keeping it update.

Free Tool To Create Logos

I recently discovered as a tool for those who have no budget and need a logo for free. It's “OK” at creating logos. I might investigate other Royalty Free resources for crating a logo, but if you have zero budget – this might be a solution. For more resources, join the school of podcasting.

Site Mentioned In This Episode

Comments came from Lin at and Sally at (I accidentally said I've known Sally since the first “WordPress Expo” I meant to say “Podcasting Expo” if you want to attend this year's podcast go to

Looking to make your current theme WordPress 3.0 compatible, here is the link Sally sent me.

If you are looking for a tutorial on iThemes Builder, I did on at

WP Wishlist insider at

I've been attending free seminars at

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Daily Podcast Tips! Put Your Inbox to Work

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