Today, we are talking about issues when it comes to naming your podcast in a way to avoid copyright infringement.

We hear the story of  Rich Palmer of (now defunct). Who was sent a cease and desist letter from a company that had a trademark on a word he used in his podcast.

Rich's Show Was Fine For Six Months

Rich's show was fine until it started getting popular and appearing in Google searches.

He received a letter with “harsh words” and said never to use that trademarked word.

Even though he offered to change the spelling, the fact that it sounded the same it still confused.

To fight this challenge, he must prove he was using the word before the trademark or if they have abandoned it.

Rich had to turn over his website address.

Search For Your Name BEFORE You start Using it

You want to make sure someone else is not using your name (and especially true if it is trademarked).

It's a hassle to have to change the name of your show when your website address is tied to your name.

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