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Today I talk about the New Media / Blogworld Expo where I will be a presenter. You can get a discount on the expo and hotels if you order before the 14th of September. Check it out at

Last 5 in 5 from Jerry from Prepare Radio

The Morning Announcements

No Agenda Podcast (OK I was wrong, they DO have an RSS feed).

Phedippidations Podcast by Steve Runner

The Splendid Table

Avoiding Podcast Scams

Here is a checklist for choosing a podcast consultant:

1. Do they have a podcast?

2. Do they have an RSS feed on their website.

3. Do they have a contact page?

4. Have they been podcasting more than a month?

So many people from the Radio field are becoming Podcasting “experts.” Being a podcaster does not make me a live broadcaster, and being a broadcaster does NOT make you a Podcaster.

Daily Podcast Tips

Daily Podcast Tips! Put Your Inbox to Work

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