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Thoughts Inspired by Podcast Movement

I just got back from Podcast Movement Evolutions in 2022. Dan and Jared always run a super smooth event that is well attended and runs like a well-oiled machine. It comes with hallway discussions you can only get at a podcast event and some kick but networking event that this year included real food. It was great to get out see each other. I want to share some things I've learned, and it's not all positive, and I want to say right here, this is not a reflection on Podcast Movement. Again, a great event that provided a glimpse into the industry. I'm just not sure I liked what I saw.

Paul Colligan Said it Best

I've known Paul Colligan since the first podcast conference in 2005 in Ontario California. We were at an after part when Paul said something that really sums up what I saw, “There are two types of podcast companies: One cares about podcasting, and the other just wants some of that sweet sweet podcast money. So when you are looking for a media host, a graphic designer, a voice-over person, ask yourself is this person/company just trying to get some of that sweet sweet podcast money?

The Three Main Players in Podcasting

I've said in the past that a podcast needs three things to survive podcasting (support, health, and attitude). The podcast industry needs to make sure as it moves forward to take steps that benefit all three main players. Who are the main players?

  • The podcasting companies (media hosts, agencies, etc)
  • The podcaster (creators).
  • The Listener (you).

A Brief Podcast History

In the early days of podcasting, getting a podcast off the ground required you to be a geek. Hence not many people did. The listener didn't have many options, and the podcasting companies grew at a slow pace.

Tools came along like media hosts, and you didn't need to be such a geek to create a podcast. The media hosts thrived as podcasting became more popular, and the listener benefited from a wider range of old white dudes to listen to.

Comedians creating engaging content got more listeners to see what that purple button on their phone did, which resulted in more podcast companies opening their doors. Serial brought more listeners and with the number of listeners growing, advertisers started entering the space. The listener got more content. The creators got more choices in vendors. The advertisers got a huge return on their investment.

With more listeners came more sponsors. More ad agencies were formed along with more media hosts. The more popular your show, the more likely the creator will stuff five minutes of ads in front of their content. While the creator and podcast companies benefit, the listener suffers. Wouldn't you agree? When money is involved, in my travels “the right thing to do” seems to get lost in the run for profits.

The advertisers now had the attention of the podcast companies to the point where there is now a fourth member in the podcast space. We are worried about the advertisers, the creators, and less on the listener. My guess would be if you point this out to people in the ad space they will agree, and then say, “but my kid needs braces.” If we take our eye off the listener, this all goes away.

When some podcast companies mentioned that attribution in podcasts could enable ad agencies to combine data and gain access to the listener's data that they never oped into, the answer is, “it would be expensive to go through the steps to combine the data. I repeat, “in my travels, “the right thing to do” seems to get lost in the run for profits.

What Super Listeners Think of Advertising

Now before you point at me and say, “Buy Dave you have advertising.” That's true and I rarely have more than one ad in my 30-40 minute show. We could say 2 minutes for a 40-minute show. That calculates to 5%. I used to listen to a radio station that was 38% advertising and my worry is we are headed in that direction. In the Super listener Report from Edison Research, the number of people who think there are too many ads has more than doubled in two years going from ten to twenty-two percent. My question is at what point do the agencies start to pull back on the throttle? The listeners aren't stupid. This isn't the frog on the stove. Fifty-nine percent of listeners have noticed that there are more ads in podcasting and those ad breaks are getting longer.

If you read that study you will also see where podcast advertising works. Like HOLY COW works. This is why people want to cram more and more ads into shows. Especially those shows that have large audiences. This benefits the agency, the advertiser, and the podcaster. You can add the listener if the podcaster has done their research and ensure that they only have quality products on their show. In the same way that I define “bad audio” as “audio that distracts the audience from what is being said to how it sounds.” I feel that when advertising interrupts the flow and momentum of the episode so much that it detracts from the enjoyment of the episode that is noticeable, you've got a problem.

My biggest worry is that more and more tools are coming that will make finding and adding advertisers to your episodes easier. You might ask, “and how is that a bad thing?” Because when you hold a hammer everything looks like a nail. When Anchor came into the space making it drop-dead easy to make a podcast, millions of episodes consisting of people saying “Test, test” I think it's recording…” were created. IF we make it too easy to add too many ads, “in my travels, “the right thing to do” seems to get lost in the run for profits.

What about the exclusive or paid podcast? Twenty-six percent of super listeners were paying to get rid of ads. Eighty-seven percent of listeners said THEY WOULD switch apps to keep listening to a show if they went exclusive. Sixty-two percent said they would pay if their favorite podcast went exclusive.

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A New Great App For Community and Coaching

I discovered the Volley app listening to a podcast on the way home from Podcast Movement. I tried it out, and it is SO COOL. Especially for those people who hate Facebook. It's like Loom, Zoom, and Slack had a baby. If you want to build a community, this makes it easy as it's available on Android, iOs, Mac, and PC. You can have group discussions in public, or in private as well as private one-on-one sessions (where each member's conversations are organized together).

You can communicate via:

  • Video
  • Screenshare
  • Audio
  • Text
  • Gif

It's a pretty amazing app. There is only ONE FEATURE I REALLY HATE.

It's free. I am interviewing one of the co-founders, and he insures me they will monetize eventually but are (for now) working on their feature set. I just hate to build on something free. With this in mind, I'm using it in conjunction with my Facebook group instead of replacing it.

I look forward to having time-shifted video/audio conversations with my students.

You can learn Volley by joining my Volley Space on learning Volley (I know how meta can you get?)

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