So many people jump to podcast advertising when they think of making money with their podcast. This may be partially due to listening to the radio which makes its money via advertising.

About Heather Osgood

She started her career in advertising sales and quickly learned the valuable lessons in what it meant to be a business owner. Additionally, she has served as a business coach to hundreds of small business owners. With a background in radio advertising and a love for podcasting, Heather was in a unique position to start an agency that could help both advertisers get better results as well as assist podcasters in finding sponsors. She founded True Native Media in January of 2016 with the hopes of helping everyone find a bigger piece of that advertising pie and acquired j/k media agency in the fall of 2017 to further those goals.

Check out the Market Success with Podcast Advertising show.

Podcast Advertising Insights

In this episode with Heather Osgood we learn:

  • What expectations both the podcaster and advertiser should have in place.
  • How many downloads advertisers are looking for in a podcast.
  • The best stat to measure your podcast in regards to advertising.
  • What the current CPM rates are.
  • The different types of advertising.
  • How long you should run an advertisement
  • Why dynamic ad insertion may be a way to get enough downloads to meet the advertiser download requirements.

Key Points

Going forward it may be more important when someone listens instead of when the show was published (especially for evergreen content).

If you use programmatic advertising (which pays from what I've calculated .0017 cents per download) why would an advertiser agree to pay more when they know you will accept less?

Check out the Market Success with Podcast Advertising

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About the Author
Owner of the School of Podcasting. Also produces the "Ask the Podcast Coach." He is also the author of the book "More Podcast Money" and is a regular speaker at podcasting and media conventions.
1 comment on “Behind the Scenes of Podcast Advertising with Heather Osgood
  1. Matt Miller says:

    Absolutely loved this episode with Heather Osgood. Totally nerded out with the marketing technical stuff.

    I have worked on both sides of the advertising fence with clients as well as media businesses. The advertising market has fractured and atomized. As this has happened, advertisers have wanted higher performance, instant performance, and have generally become harder on the media placement.

    I think Dynamic Ad insertion is a great hook for advertisers.

    For Podcasters with small audiences wanting to monetize perhaps tie-in products (courses, books, audiobooks, coaching, etc), memberships, and patron programs are the best way to go. Affiliate marketing (for example, Pat Flynn-style) might also work.

    What about indirect monetization – like getting offered a better/new/different job or major new client? That has to count too!

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