Today I asked my audience to share what was their FAVORITE podcast. They could only pick ONE. Thanks to everyone who contributed. Here is a PDF of the show notes for you to download and share. Speaking of sharing. If you would like to send a tweet about this episode you can do so below
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Betty in the Sky With Suitcase

Her podcast page:
Betty in the sky with a suitcase. This is great. Betty is an airline flight attendant. She's been podcasting for years and what she does is she gives us stories of things that she encounters as she travels. Well, these stories, are  hysterical. It's stuff you could never make up. But also, she's got this totally lovable personality. She's witty, she's smart, she's humble – humble's big with me. She's a flight attendant that we always could encounter when we travel.
If you listen to her episodes, you know probably all there is to know about Betty and you just might fall in love with her. Oh, did I say that out loud? Well anyway, it's not just me. Not too long ago, a musician composed and professionally recorded a song for her, to the tune of Benny and the Jets by Elton John except it's Betty and the Jets. It's just brilliant. Anyway, her home page is which takes you to kind of all the things that she does including to her podcast which is at That's Betty in the sky with a suitcase, probably my absolute favorite podcast.
Submitted by Max Flight of Podcasting Aviation Greatness Since 2008. The Airplane Geeks talk about the latest in the airline industry, general aviation, and military aviation. If it flies, we are talking about it. He also does

Security Now

It's hosted by Leo LaPorte and Steve Gibson. Of course, everyone knows who Leo LaPorte is, he's the tech guy, he has a radio show. And his co-host, Steve Gibson, is the creator of Spin Right, which is a program for hard drive maintenance and even some data recovery. Well, they do a show each week that runs for about an hour, hour and a half, and they talk about everything related to computer security, and I'll tell you, it gets extremely technical. They talk about passwords, internet scams, viruses, just about anything related to personal computer security.
The podcast itself doesn't have its own website, but you can get some information at Steve's company website, which is Or just google ‘security now podcast'. The other reason I like it is because it keeps me on the cutting edge of what's going on, and that's information that I can often pass onto my own podcast listeners.

 Submitted by Scott Johnson  of the Computer Tutor Podcast: I do the computer tutor podcast every Monday morning and each show is about 10 minutes or so, and I talk about a computer tip or trick or something that people need to know about. And, the information for that is at my website which is Thanks very much Dave, keep up the great work.

No Agenda Show

The No Agenda Show with Adam Curry and John C. Dvorak, which is at The No Agenda Show is a news analysis podcast, and so they take the news and they go deeper than you would get on any mainstream show. They do something that I think we all wish our politicians would do, and actually read the legislation, and look at what it means and how it affects us, and they look at all the little hidden things that are hidden in the legislation that gets done. They also look at different events around the world, and they tie them together in a way that you won't really hear anywhere else.  

(From Fred) The reason I like this is because they do not have an agenda. They tell, basically, a deconstruction of the current events today. They basically unmask the lies and all the scams that are out there by the government and by the other firms so that you can know what the truth is. As they say, they hit you in the mouth, so that you can wake up and not believe the media. It's what they call media assassination. Not only current events and politics but also other things that are going on that affect you behind your back. So I won't do without this show even though it's two, three hours long.
The key thing here is that they're not in a scam to make money. They ask for money because it's a fully funded donation oriented show from what they call the producers, or the sponsors, which are the audience. It's the value for value model, and I think that's probably the best model for podcasting.

Submitted by Bill Hutchison, from the Youth With A Mission news podcast, at, where we share some of the stuff that our organization is doing around the world, including the relief work that we're currently doing in the Phillipines, after the typhoon went through there/ 

Also Submitted By Fred Castenda of the Stuggling Entrepreneur show at Which is a free podcast series that deals with the issues, challenges and problems of the individual who wants to be an entrepreneur, but who encounters a somewhat difficult path and appears to be struggling. However, this podcast series also addresses the opportunities that await an inspiring and dedicated individual who wants to be an entrepreneur, along with recommended resources.

The Jefferson Hour

My favorite podcast would be The Thomas Jefferson Hour, you can find it at on Itunes it's called The Jefferson Hour. I find it fascinating and very entertaining, Clay Jenkinson is a notable historian and scholar of the humanities. He portrays Jefferson in the time of Jefferson and then goes into the topics of today as if Jefferson was a politician today.

Submitted by Terry Noorda of the  Discovering America podcast and I have a website at My podcast is about the discovery of America, events that have taken place that most likely a person has never heard before. 

Nobody's Listening

I love the late Nobody's Listening comedy podcast. It was hilarious, inspirational. Unfortunately it's now retired, but that would be my one podcast, and that's over at 

Submitted by Daniel J Lewis of the Audacity to Podcast podcast at The Audacity to Podcas is a podcast about podcasting (that’s so meta!), but in a unique format from others. While there are plenty of other places to learn about podcasting, Daniel J. Lewis enjoys taking an in-depth approach and is the only podcaster to feature and regularly focus on Audacity, the free audio-editor for Windows, OS X, and Linux. Daniel is also putting on a Podcast Master Class for those who are already podcasting and looking to take their podcast to new heights.


Spark is on the Canadian Broadcasting Network, CBC. What the show is about is technology, new, breaking technology – in particular, technology that affects our everyday lives. The content is fascinating to me. The reason I like it is that the content is put together in a very palatable way, it's entertaining, and I love the sound of Nora Young's voice.

Submitted by  Ken Claser of the Thinking Outside The Box podcast which can be found on I call it a clearinghouse for new ideas, and old ideas whose time has come.

The School of Podcasting's Morning Announcements

This is the first podcast I boot up in the morning. On a Monday when I'm going into work and I'm feeling [grunt] you know, 6 AM in the morning [grunt] Yes, that's right, I have one hour commute on a transit bus to get to work. I'm telling you it is a hard ride to sit on because you're just sitting there watching the road and you just feel like, I could fall asleep. But you're fighting yourself to stay awake. Well, the morning announcements do it for me it helps me on my commute to work and I listen to it again and write down notes because there's something that I might have missed. Sure. I play this…complete your show at 1.5x, which gives them a Smartphone, but hey. I mean that's why I like listening to you. I like listening to you because you're out there, you're giving us tips, you're not trying to sugar coat it like some other podcasters do. You're not trying to sell us stuff like some other podcasters do. What you're trying to do is you're just trying to help us become better podcasters or learn how to podcast, which is great. But you ask me what is my favorite podcast and I'm going to say it's you, in the school podcasting morning announcements.  

Submitted by DJ City from the Japan Experience Podcast. (a podcast that covers Music side of japan (Jpop/Jrock) and travel in Japan).Located at

Zen and the Art of Triathlon

It's on iTunes and ( it's about triathlon of course, but more than that, it's about a guy talking about triathlon but he lets you in on his family, his friends, you get to know his wife, his kids – you get to hear them grow up. You get tricks and tips on exercise and nutrition. Most important thing about it is his companionship. It's like he's your friend, and he's been doing it forever. He's the first triathlon podcast. His name is Brett, and man, if you get a chance to listen to that you'll learn so much about exercise, nutrition, and like I said, the companionship of having him. He'll take you on exercise rides when he's out on the bike, when he's running, and it's just you got to hear it to understand. Anyway, Zen and the Art of Triathlon. I think you'll like it.

Submitted by Jon Morgan of the Let's Talk Metal Detecting and Treasure Hunting Podcast ( A call-in show with news and interviews for metal detecting and treasure hunting enthusiasts.

The Rock And Roll Geek Show

I love the Rock and Roll Geek show at He has played bass with some big name bands. I love this show, and I don't even like Rock. I'm more of a Metal head. He has this incredible ability to suck people in. He just keeps everything honest and true to himself and listeners. I think peopel keep coming back because they want to learn more about him, and his life. His life is pretty interesting. He has a community now of his listeners that he calls friends. The way he communicates through his podcast really makes you feel like you are his friend. I think a lot of podcasters try to capture that, and I don't think other people are able to do what Michael Butler does. That's why its my go to podcast.

Submitted by Chiaki of the Metal Moment Podcast / Japanese Metal Head Show ( Welcome to the World of Metal here on the Metal Moment Podcast with Host, Chiaki Hinohara. Please enjoy the latest news, interviews, and music from the Metal Bands of our time. Interviews with bands like George Lynch, Souls Of We, Judas Priest, Exodus, Cinderella, Warrant, X-Japan, Rob De Luca, Spread Eagle, Ron Thal, BumbleFoot. It's 51/50 part English and part Japanese.

Michael O'Meara Show

I would definitely pick the Mike O'Meara Show, and they're at Mike O'Meara is part of the old syndicated Don and Mike Show from way back when, and I tell you, the humor that they bring makes me laugh out loud, and they have a daily podcast and I never miss it. And, I think the description of their show comes best directly from their website, and it says, “The Mike O'Meara Show is a fun mash-up of real life, pop culture, news of the day, dynamic audio clips, and three guys busting each other's balls.” That's right in line with my humor and I think it's a great show. So, I encourage everybody out there to check out the Mike O'Meara show.

Submitted by Bill Berris from the Media Fiasco Podcast at  my podcast is essentially my irreverent and inappropriate take on news and pop culture. I like to think of it as the kind of news stories you don't hear on your grandmother's CNN. Check out the Media Fiasco podcast if you have time.

The Break

I consume a lot of podcast, but I would have to say if I could only have one on a deserted island, the one that would have to have would be The Break, by Father Roderick. And that can be founded
The reason I like that one is because it is a Catholic podcast, but he doesn't necessarily talk a lot about the Catholic religion. He does talk about faith, but he talks about news and movies and travels and what's going on on the world. So, it's usually about an hour long podcast, and it covers a lot of different topics. And I guess I like his style, and I guess I like how he talks and what he does. And it's a good break for me from the podcast of How to Podcast and tech reports and all the stuff that I consume maybe for, for my job type thing. It's just a good break. It's very entertaining, and that's what it's called: The Break. Again, that's with Father Roderick, and it can be found at

The other interesting thing about it is he is in The Netherlands, so he's Dutch. So although he speaks English, you can tell sometimes that he has trouble with some things and different culturals, and he talks about traveling to Rome and different places. It's just a very, very interesting podcast, and it covers a lot of topics. So again, that would be my number one podcast. If I couldn't listen to anything else, I would want that one. .

Submitted by Darren Dake with the Engaging Life and Leadership podcast (  It’s dedicated to all people who want to transform their relationships, finances, communications, and work from mediocrity to magnificent. You won’t find stuff and fluff here — we deal with significant life issues.


Mixergy is a interview podcast, both audio and video, primarily tech entrepreneurs. The thing that appeals to me, and that I find myself going back and listening over and over to Mixergy, is just the quality of the interviews. Andrew has recorded hundreds of interviews with tech entrepreneurs and he really gets beyond the typical Q and A, happy headlines, type of interview, which is kind of self-congratulatory. He really, really digs into the nuts and bolts of starting a business, most of them tech businesses online. Everything from: how did you get your first customer, how did you make your first hundred dollars, to how did you make your first million dollars, what were your challenges in growing the business?
Often times, many of the entrepreneurs have had failures or multiple failures before they reach the success. Andrew really digs into those failures to figure out what kept those entrepreneurs going and again, it's just the quality of the interviews. They are really raw and in depth and really get into the nuts and bolts. If you're a podcaster, I'm not saying that if you go and listen to mixers you're going to suddenly figure out how to grow a best selling or best listened to podcast, but there are lots of takeaways from these interviews that you can extrapolate to your own podcasting experiences.

Submitted by Jeff Rutherford from the Reading and Writing Podcast. The Reading and Writing Podcast, and that's at I've interviewed over a hundred and forty-five writers and novelists, so very different from Mixergy, but again, I've interviewed writers and novelists including Lee Child, David Morrell, Jeffery Deaver, Margaret Cole, and many, many, many others. I really kind of try to dig in to how they got started writing, what their first successes were as writers, what kept them going, and any advice they may have for aspiring writers, and also we usually talk about what they're reading and what they're enjoying and any books or writers they would recommend.

Entrepreneur on Fire

I like Entrepreneur On Fire ( John Lee Dumas because of the fact that it is a daily show filled with great content. I listen to a lot of podcasts, and almost every time, the people he interviews will be on somebody else's podcast, but John Lee Dumas'; they will eventually be on the EntrepreneurOnFire. I think that if you listen to that show, if that was the only one you could listen to, you would get great content. I love getting quotes from that show. I love to sit down and listen to it, and write things down, and take notes as I listen to it. Other podcasts, I listen to it while I'm driving, but that one I have to sit down and really listen to it because you learn so much from that show.

Submitted by Joe Consford of  the Morning Meditation at – a daily podcast where we meditate on the word of God every morning.

Stacking Benjamins

It's the Stacking Benjamins podcast. I'm big-time in the personal finance scene. I listen to different shows that have to do with finance and personal finance, just so I can find out what the enemies are saying [chuckles] and correct them later, but there's one show called Stacking Benjamins. It's not just a money show. A lot of the topics have to do with money topics, but it's done differently. The main host is Average Joe. He has a co-host named OG, who sounds just like Doug McKenzie, from Bob and Doug McKenzie – if you remember them.

Just hearing that guy's voice cracks me up, but they talk back and forth, and there's just a nice chemistry between the two. Then, they'll have a guy come in about a serious money topic, so you got the real serious, analytical piece, but then, you'll have this guy named Doug who comes in and just does a trivia question. They might have an interview of somebody, then they might have a guest spot from somebody else, but he almost always has a round table discussion about a personal finance topic, so you get three or four different opinions about a certain topic in every show. It doesn't stop there. At the end, then he's going to talk with OG again – his co-host – about movies, and there's usually an Easter egg at the end. The show goes about an hour long and it keeps changing. It's almost like a variety show.

Submitted by Steve Stewart of Money Plan SOS podcast ( and Moneyplan SOS is a great podcast focusing on personal finance. You should pay attention instead of interest.

Latest in Paleo

Latest in Paleo (  is a show that's a weekly show hosted by Angelo Coppola, where he plays clips and he digs through all of the latest health and nutrition news that's out there and comments on it and really brings a good balanced perspective to what's out there in the news. He does an amazing job of simplifying things and breaking things down so that it's easy to understand, and man, I'll tell you, I get so much great information from this podcast that I can use on a daily basis. I just love it. I can't wait for it to come out.
Latest in Paleo is great for me because it really ties in to my show.

Submitted by Steve Stearns from outsidehealthandfitness.comOutside Health and Fitness where we talk about fun ways to stay active and healthy outside.

Andy Stanley Leadership Podcast

I love the Andy Stanley Leadership Podcast. You can find it at There are a few different podcast listed on their resource page there. My favorite is the Andy Stanley Leadership Podcast. It is a monthly podcast, and man, it is fantastic. It is loaded with all kinds of amazing information every single month and Andy has this unique ability, as gift really, of taking very complex leadership principles boiling them down to a nugget to something that's very memorable, so it's very portable. You can take it with you. And this works whether you're a leader in the marketplace, whether you're a leader amongst your peers, in your family. It doesn't matter. These things are great. He does such a great job and very inspiring.

Submitted by Eric. I don't have a podcast but I'm building one. We plan to launch our podcast January 24th, 2014. It will be, right now, our working title is School of Parenting and it will be located through our brand new membership website, Thanks a lot for putting in this list together. I look forward to hearing it and reading it, discovering some new podcast. Thanks for all you do. You've been a huge inspiration and a major source of help. I just really appreciate everything you do. Thanks a lot. Bye.

The Feed From

I'm going to say The Official Libsyn podcast known as The Feed is my favorite can't do without podcast ( I love listening to Elsie. She's just a wonderful spirit that can brighten up your day. Rob always comes on and gives us all the nitty gritty, behind the scenes details and stats about Libsyn that I just can't live without because I'm just a stats junkie, what can I tell you? .

Submitted by Ms Ileane of the Ms. Ileane Speaks Podcast over at which features Blogging Tips, Social Media Strategy, and YouTube Tips. Build a better blog through content creation mastery and making connections that matter.

Walking Dead Podcast

I love the Walking Dead Podcast. by Robin Pearson from the He does several podcasts on Breaking Bad, Dexter, and he has all of his podcast on his website at What makes it my favorite? Several things. First I really enjoy his intelligent discussion of the shows, and how he reviews each episode. He talks about the characters and what makes the plot and characters work. He talks about what doesn't work in a particular story arc. Then he touches on the unknown things that really be classified at the time and may (or may not) pay off in the future of the series. The production style is extremely simple. There is no flashy intro. The majority of the show is just Robin talking with a great English accent. He reads email and plays audio feedback. He occasionally plays a clip from the show. It's very minimal, but very educational and entertaining. I really have to thank Robin because it was his review style that I use on the Sci Fi Movie Podcast.

Submitted by Rem of The Sci Fi movie podcast tries to dig deeper into the content and look at what works and what didn't work. We look at how a particular Sci-fi movie might effect our culture, how it might effect the future for us. The Sci Fi movie podcast is for those who love Sci-fi, but also for those people who love science and technology.

The Silicon Valley Astronomy Lectures

I love that the Silicon Valley Astronomy Lectures go deep into a subject ( You don't find it in television or radio. These lectures are provided by leading scientists, academics, astronauts, etc. These are very comprehensive ranging from an hour to an hour and a half. I just can't get enough of them.

Kevin Scullion from the Passing Places podcast ( ). It's all about my travels all over Scotland.

This is Your Life with Michael Hyatt.

You can find This is Your Life with Michael Hyatt at its about intentional leadership. I love the way Michael breaks it down and simplifies the concepts of leadership. Some times it can be difficult, but he makes it easy for leaders to understand in the corporate world, in ministry, in family life.

Submitted by Dustin of Life Lessons at This podcast is dedicated about finding meaning in life's smallest moments.

48 Days Podcast

I have to say my favorite is the 48 Days Podcast with Dan Miller ( I love the business ideas that Dan provides. I love the overall optimism, and the entrepreneurial encouragement that Dan provides every week on his show.

Submitted by Erik K. Johnson of Podcast Talent Coach podcast ( The Podcast Talent Coach podcast  let's turn your information into engaging entertainment.

Podcast Talent Coach

I love podcasts that make me think, laugh, and inspire to do something. For me nothing makes me think more than The Podcast Talent Coach (at While I love a lot of different podcasts, when I heard the intro to the Podcast Talent Coach I got a huge smile on my face. Eric comes from a radio background, and unlike other people who came from radio Eric understands there is a difference between radio and podcasting. He also knows that inspiring content works in both formats.

Submitted by Dave Jackson of the School of Podcasting. His podcast talks about all things podcasting from planning to promoting, recording and monetization. Check it out at

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