Bloggers Would You Spend $50 to Grow Your Audience by 20%?

Breathe. Breathe. Deep Breathes. I write this post in frustration.


I keep finding really great content that is delivered via a blog, and via email. Why not audio? When I ask if they've ever thought of delivering their content via audio podcast, they say “It's not for them.” After all who wants people to acutally consume their content?

When I started putting audio on websites back in 2004 it instantly took my newsletter and made it human. When I made it automated via podcast, I got my first audio feedback from a listener in Germany. Never underestimate the power of the tone of voice.

When I spoke at Blogworld last month, I was talking with someone in the hallway (I wish I could give credit), but they we were talking about connecting with your audience. He said, “How can you not make a connection when you are actually in their ear every week.”

So Why Am I Frustrated?

Because any blogger worth their weight is using WordPress. This means they are literally one plugin (powerpress) and a $50 microphone away from being a podcast. OK, you might need some album art ($30), and an intro ( but seriously you're giving away your content for free, but not as a podcast? You can use Audacity which is free software (works on both a mac and pc) to create your show.


1. I can't read your blog on the way to work, but I can listen to it.

2. Jason Van Orden leveraged his influence and become the top affiliate of the popular Internet Marketing product “Product Launch Formula” because of his podcast (the second place person had an email list that was mammoth compared to Jason).

3. Pat Flynn of the Smart Passive Income stated his audience grew by 20% when he took his blog and started a podcast.

4. You can be 1 of the 8 billion blogs on your topic, or 1 of 10 podcasts on your topic in iTunes. Which one has the better odds of being found?

5. Derek Halpern said he set a record for traffic on his site Social Triggers when he launched his podcast.

but still they don't start a podcast….

How Loyal A Following Can You Build?

1. Michael Butler's audience paid for him to fly to England and play bass with his musical idol who he interviewed on his show.

2. Keith and The Girl's fans went from have the KATG logo tatooed on their bodies to having it BRANDED (OUCH).

Need more? See www.powerof (free podcast showcasing podcast success).

You're Not A Blogger Your a Content Creator

Quit thinking of yourself as a blogger. Your content needs to be delivered in the formats your audience wants it.

There are so many benefits to podcast, if you are a blogger using WordPress you are “this close” to not only reaching, but connecting with a whole new audience. DO IT

Daily Podcast Tips

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Owner of the School of Podcasting. Also produces the "Ask the Podcast Coach." He is also the author of the book "More Podcast Money" and is a regular speaker at podcasting and media conventions.
2 comments on “Bloggers Would You Spend $50 to Grow Your Audience by 20%?
  1. Good post Dave 🙂

    I say the same thing: create content and present it how your audience best consumes it. Whatever format it may be.


  2. Billy Delaney says:

    Today, we talked. I spent the evening listening to various podcasts in overview. Business, podcasting, art, and other sites. I have wordpress up and running already. So I look forward to meeting you and seeing what most wont. Billy

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