Whether it's doing the dishes or mowing the lawn, doing the same thing over and over again (like the same old podcast segments) can be mind-numbingly dull. So why do we often find ourselves in these situations?

One reason is that our brains are wired to seek out novelty. When we encounter something new, our brains release dopamine, which makes us feel good. This helps explain why we get bored when we do the same thing day after day – our brains simply crave new experiences.

Fortunately, there are ways to combat boredom. By introducing some variety into your routine, you can help chase away boredom and make even the most mundane tasks more bearable. Today we look at ways to change things up, without a complete rebrand of your podcast.

You keep doing the same thing you've been doing and you're not seeing your podcast numbers moving up. You're not sure what to try. To this, I say check out the book 101 Podcast Episode Templates by David Hooper of Build a Big Podcast.

All of these templates are short and to the point and for me the book provides a great tool to “brainstorm by yourself.” To we cover four of the templates and Dave demonstrates a bonus template.

Focusrite: The Vocaster Series Made For Podcasters

  • Focusrite VocasterAutoGain – Easily set your levels with the click of a button, with more than enough gain on tap (70dB) – no booster is needed
  • Enhance – Four podcaster-approved voice presets to bring out the best in any voice
  • Mute – Silence the mic with the touch of a button – don’t let unexpected interruptions get in the way of recording
  • Connect your phone – Record phone calls, high-quality music, or other audio from your device, seamlessly
  • Record to a camera – Plug in your camera and record directly to its memory card
  • Loopback – Stream calls or any other audio you can think of from your computer with two sets of stereo loopback
  • Included software – Hindenburg Lite to record, three months of SquadCast Pro + Video to bring in your guests, and six months of Acast Influencer to publish, you’re ready to get your show out there
  • Learn more at: Focusrite.com/Vocaster 

David Hooper Shares 5 Templates

Dave shares four templates from his book 101 Podcast Episode Templates. You find that Dave loves to write, but he has to focus to finish his books. (so if you are in this boat you're not alone)

Templates Covered:

#4 Listener voicemail (see links below for tools
#5 Criticize Something with #8 a Weird Viewpoint
#10 A Day in the Life
#19 ______ with only $100

Dave demonstrates the Sidecar template on this episode where he plays a clip of this show.


I need your answer by the end of August 2022

This month's question comes from Dave from Walking is Fitness which is a daily 10-minute podcast designed to help listeners find a little extra motivation to get out for a fitness walk every single day.

Most podcast hosts have a target listener. And I would imagine like most podcasts, there are certain themes and topics that I know that are of greater interest to my target listener.

How often do you return to these key topics?

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When you answer tell us about your show (including the WEBSITE ADDRESS).

Where I Will Be

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