Today we continue our conversation with Daniel J Lewis of the Audacity to podcast. We also hear some great stats from Rob from and we get some insights into podcast flow from Adam Curry.

Podcast Success: Wayne Henderson's Priceless Gift from a Green Bay Packer Fan [1:51]

Wayne Henderson does the Packer Fan Poddcast for Green Bay Packer fans. Because of his podcast one of his lsiteners gave him a ticket to a game. Now if you live in Cleveland (like I do, and your football team is awful) Getting a ticket to a game is no big problem. In Green Bay where they know how to win it is a completely different story. Every season has been sold out since the mid 1960s. Wayne is on the waiting list (somewhere around 35,000). Not only did Wayne get to attend, but the tickets were on the 45 yard line (SWEET!). Wayne didn't even have to pay for room and bouard. It was all a gift from someone who had listened to his podcast. Wayne not only got to take in the game, but did some site seeing of the city. You can find all of Wayne's, as well as have him record some voice overs for you at

Clip of the Week Adam Curry and John C Divorak on Opening Podcast Chit Chat [5:30]

On previous shows we've had discussions on how to start the show and how much “banter is tolerated.” Well I was listening to the No Agenda Show and Adam (effectionatly known as “the Podfather”) and John chimed in on how much is too much. Adan Curry and Dave Winer are credited with inventing the technology that is used for podcasting. You may also remember adam from his days on MTV. Check out their AWESOME podcast at

Part Two of Daniel J Lewis Interview [9:46]

Last week I interviewed Daniel J. Lewis of the Audacity to Podcast about winning a podcast award, and today we talk about starting his podcast network. In this interview we also get into:

How to create a win-win situation with people who join your network.

Daniel used pretty link pro to rotate affiliate links tha are mentioned on the shows.

Be sure to have everyone on the same page on what would happen if someone wanted to leave the network.

Daneil explains how he uses WordPress multi-site to manage his website and the pros and cons of using this system (such as you can install a plugin once, and all the differrent websites use it).

How to structure your website in a way to guide your visitor into the action you want them to follow. When you put to much stuff on your front page, the visitor gets confused.

Daniel explains how he “podfaded” one of his podcasts and allowed his co-host to take over the show.

We get Daniel's advice for people who are looking to start a podcast. He explains how trying to be perfect is a great goal, but don't let it stop you from releasing your podcast.

Dave and Daniel talk about starting a podcast in a genre that may already have podcasts, and how to not get to competitive.

If you haven't checked out Daniels premium wordpress plugin to add subscribe and share buttons on your website.

Podcaster Roundtbale Episode 13 Dealing with Negative Comments

In episode 13 of the Podcaster's Round Table we talk about dealing with negative feedback and how to get more feedback from yrou audience. It's a great episode and you can find it at 

you can also watch the episode on YouTube

April 2013 Podcast Download Stats from [47:00]

In the latest epsode of podcast411 Rob Walch shares some stats from

53.12 % of all downloads in April 2013 went to mobile devices

7.08% of mobile dowloads to agregator apps (downcast, and other podcasting apps)

7.41% of mobile downloads to went to podcaster's personal apps. These would be the apps that the podcaster provides like the School of Podcasting – Podcasting Tips – App. This is more downloads than all the agreegator apps combined.

46.82% downloads went to computers 49% of that went ot iTunes.

0.06% of downloads went to Set Top boxes like Roku.

From April 2012 to April 2013 mobile downloads represented 35% by August of 2012 its up to 47% and now is over 53%.

Having your own app can boost downloads. Rob's podcast411 app had activity each month, even though his podcast was on hiatus for years.

Get a free month of media hosting at using the coupon code sopfree

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Nik Sueberling

Jim Collison and

Pretty Link Pro.

Daily Podcast Tips

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  1. Great episode guys. I’m actually working on a fitness network, but looking to hire a high quality podcasting network manager who can handle things like sponsorship inquiries, host management, relations with iTunes, etc. Any ideas come to mind for where to find someone with this unique skillset?

  2. Well for sponsors, there is For host management, I would need to know more about what that means. I might be interested in this position.

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