Explaining the Ranking in iTunes

Larry DeKay from the Business Writing Today podcast wants to know how iTunes rankings are measured. The official answer is “I don't (not does anyone else) know. There are thoughts about reviews helping. Some people think you can get new and notable in iTunes only if you have more than three episodes (this has been disproven). Larry is confused that podcasts that have faded and are not currently producing content are ranked higher than his podcast. As podcasts are time shifted, you could have a podcast that was created years ago still be popular today. The bottom line is nobody really knows. Here is a better use of your time:

Instead of getting hypnotized by stats, take that time and focus on creating the best content you can make. Spending time digging through stats typically does not help you grow your audience. It's hard (especially when you're new), but focusing on making GREAT content will help your audience grow faster than looking at sats.

Great news From France

Hue Patrice from France who produces the http://rockaixpress.com podcast, and he put some of the tips we've discussed. As he put it, he creates fewer mistakes, and his audience is growing. The story doesn't stop there. He recently won a European Podcast Award. In his e-mail he said, “So, I just want to say to your listeners who have a podcast or will have soon a podcast, that your tips work well, they have worked for us, it will work for you, and I want to say a HUGE thank you for helping me to reach my goals, and won an European contest, that's awesome! I must continue to work hard for making a nice podcast for my audience, but I wanted you to know that a french listener has reached his own goals, helped by an enormous desire to succeed, a ton of passion and your voice playing in his iPod.”

Keep up the good work.

Building Your Virtual Family

I recently did a review of the B-Movie Podcast, on the Podcast Review Show. In my opinion, they have INSANE amounts of information about these old movies. IN my opinion taking over 30 minutes to get to that content is something I would change. This got his audience's attention, and they came over to the site to defend their favorite podcast. Here are some snippets of the comments.

“It’s not a convenience store where you run in, grab what you need, and hit the road.For regular listeners, a lot of the material that a newcomer might think is extraneous — such as the audio clips or the pre-review roundtable discussion — gives the show much of its laid-back charm. To cut that material in order to get to the review more quickly would, I think, do more damage than good.”

“Those of us who listen to the show aren’t just listeners, we’re a “virtual” family. I love to hear about what others are watching because it introduces me to new shows and movies I otherwise might not have ever heard of or tried. If I just want a movie review, I’ll go to IMDB or Rotten Tomatoes.” “Tighten” the show up by eliminating all of this and the show loses it unique color and flavor. It becomes another run of the mill show that can easily be missed.

“It isn’t designed to just get in, rattle off a movie review and get out. It’s designed to spur conversation and to introduce the listeners to new shows or movies or even music. “

“The B-Movie Cast has none of the snark or condescension that many other seem to feel toward this subject matter. Those of us in the B-Movie Cast family — and that’s what it is, a constantly growing family — _love_ this stuff. One thing might be better, and that’s finding out about a new movie you might love that you’ve never heard of before — and the B-Movie Cast does that too, even for a guy like me who’s been watching this type of stuff for 50 years. Vince’s show has told me about things I missed or never even knew about before. And when you’ve seen as many films as I have, that’s something special.”

“I listen to LOTS of podcasts but yours is one of my favorites. I enjoy the honest organic feel of the show. It's a real comfortable and pleasant show to listen to. It's like hibernating during a nuclear winter in a psychedelic cabin while snuggling up on a cuddly werewolf skin rug next to a martian fireplace with a sexy 60's bikini spy babe (probably Elke Somers) and drinking a steaming warm cup of vampire blood. Thank you so much for covering so many genres of classic film, TV shows, and all else stuff under the sun. I am having a blast rediscovering old movies I forgot about and other ones I never would have seen if it weren't for you. Keep up the great work! Long live the B Movie Cast!”

What We Learn From This

1. If you think nobody will listen to your podcast because its a “niche” topic, think again.

2. While everyone may watch their local news at night, you rarely hear of people who watch the news getting together on a website, and describing themselves as “family.”

3. Audience appreciate a host who has true passion and love for his subject. They will respond with love and passion for their host.

4. YOU get to decide what makes it in (or not) to your podcast. If you want to create a 3 minute or 3 hour podcast, its up to you.


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