Today I get to interview Jon Buscall who is the man behind the Online Marketing and Communications podcast (one of my favorites). John lives in Sweden and provides some great insights into how his marketing company Jontus Media is helping people harness the power of podcasting. Jon shares some insights into both Profit and Non Profit organizations are realizing the connection power of podcasting.

Together we hear how:

1. A listener of Jon's (a professional photographer) offers to snap photos of Jon and his dog when she was stricken with Cancer. I know when I heard the news my heart went out to Jon.

2. Hear how Jon is using a combination Libsyn stats, and Google Analytics to show the ROI of podcasting to his clients (I would love a class on that Jon!). You can get free information on Google Analytics at the Google Analytics Academy (free) . You can get a free month at Libsyn using the coupon code sopfree.

3. One client of Jon's is now getting speaking engagements because of his podcast.

4. Jon is using a DBX 286s to help compress his sound while blocking out the background noise.

Jon points out that it's not about putting together a 20-minute pitch. It's about making infotainment. Think about the days of Soap Operas. The soap companies didn't make shows about soap. They made shows about life (with evil twins,  backstabbing, etc) and then in between scenes they showed commercials for soap. Both Jon and I are not advocating adding tons of commercials to podcasting.

You can find Jon's Online Marketing & Communications Podcast in iTunes as well as his website at

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