We all know the feeling of hearing a brilliant thought or idea during a podcast, only to have it slip away just as quickly. Well, fear not! In this episode, our host shares their struggles with capturing and remembering information, as well as some incredible insights about how to overcome this challenge. I asked my audience and they shared their strategies which range from No Tech to Multi-level tech so you can find what works for you! Click Listen!


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Scott from What Was That Like sends an email to himself.

Mark from Practical Prepping uses Evernote and a Voice Recorder and reviews all the ideas weekly to get them organized.

Brandon from Dallas likes Joplin

Mentioned In This Episode

School of Podcasting

iDrive (aff)



Apple Notes (video)

Evernote (video)


Google Keep(video)

Matthew Perry Book: Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing: A Memoir (aff)


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00:00:38 – Opening
00:01:22 – Capturing Fleeting Ideas
00:01:51 – Scott From What Was That Like
00:04:16 – Brandon from Dallas
00:07:22 – Mark from The North America Podcast
00:08:19 – Mark From Practical Prepping
00:09:50 – Randy From Hot Springs Village Inside Out
00:10:45 – York From Welcome to Earth Stories
00:12:21 – Join The School of Podcasting
00:13:23 – BOOST
00:13:40 – Jim From Home Gadget Geeks
00:14:47 – Dave's Screenshot
00:16:38 – Dave Note-Taking App
00:18:14 – What Do You Need It To Do?
00:19:13 – NOT One Drive iDRIVE!
00:22:12 – Get To Know Your Tools
00:23:14 – Beware FOMO Fear of Missing Out
00:24:33 – SAAS Frustrations
00:26:28 – Question of the Month
00:27:27 – Live Appearances
00:27:59 – Why Is This Good Coming Back
00:28:20 – Everything is at the School of Podcasting
00:29:00 – Bloopers
00:29:13 – RIP Matthew Perry

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