Make a Branding Kit and Make it Easy for Anyone Interviewing You

Note: This is a blog post. Not a podcast episode. David Hooper was on my show and I mentioned that when I went to look for an image of him, there is one (the black and white one with him on the stairs). He mentioned he uses a tool that makes it easy to share…

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Should I Use a Free Media Host For My Podcast?

Should I Use a Free Media Host? My quick reaction in this blog post is no. Here is a list of free media hosts that have gone out of business. – Podshow/Mevio 8/2005 – 4/2014 (116 months – 38.8 million dollars spent) – Podango 9/2006 – 12/2008 (27 Months) – 7/2006 – 7/2009 (36 months) – 2007 –…

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