Dave gets some listener feedback from Chris at amateurtraveler.com and Paul from technobabelshow.com

I was reading a book about marketing a musical group and it mentioned using chalk to promote your band. Would this work for podcasters? Find where your taget market goes and write your website in front of the entrance? Is this a great first impression?

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I give a brief update on bookmarks as a promotional tool.

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Last 5 in 5 from Mark at podsquod.com
MAC OSG http://podcast.macosg.com/
Palm OSC http://palmosc.com/test/
Apple News Now http://www.applenewsnow.com/
Project Studio Network www.projectstudionetwork.com
Desparate Husbands http://www.desperatehusbands.net

Other sites mentioned

Daily Podcast Tips

Daily Podcast Tips! Put Your Inbox to Work

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