Today I talk about some of the items I see that confuse new podcasters.

1. The Podcast and Episode Delemna.
There is a “Podcast” name (Think “Friends”), and there is an “Episode” name (think “Monica and Chandler's Wedding). So while you may put in all sorts of iTunes information into your WordPress settings (either via Podpress, or Feedburner) those apply to the “Show/Podcast.” So if you have a show come into your aggregator (like iTunes) and there is no album art its because each EPISODE has “tags” for each mp3 file (or video file). In the example I was working with, the mp3 didn't have any album art. (Even though the SHOW did, so again the EPISODE didn't have album art).

2. RSS Feeds.
Most podcasters use to maintain a blog (typically on their server like ) that has a “side effect” of outputting an RSS feed. So when you update your blog, you update your RSS feed. So how do I update my RSS? I update my blog. Its that easy.

However! You may be using Feedburner ( which will look at WordPress (to watch the RSS feed). This is what people call “Your Feedburner Feed.” Then to list your podcast in iTunes you ay submit your “Feedburner feed.” So now when iTunes starts it checks for new episodes. It woudl sound like this:

iTunes: Hey are there any new episodes? (Its asks Feedburner)
Feedburner: Hey WordPress any new episodes?
Wordpress: Yeah, there have been two episodes put out since the last time you checked. The mp3 files are right over there…
Feedburner: Thanks. Hey iTunes the mp3 files are right over there..
iTunes: Got it. I'm downloading them now.

So when you update your WordPress, you (through some handshaking) update iTunes.

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