Because of his Podcast: He Discovered a Niche Who Needed A Product

Got a note from Corey Fineran

I just handed my boss my resignation letter! This podcasting journey started 7 1/2 years ago and it's now allowed me to leave my job and start my own business! You've probably heard me talk about Ivy Envy (my podcast on the Chicago Cubs) more than the one I did for my employer. Since 2012, I've been able to call myself a “professional podcast producer” as my employer created a new position for me to do video podcasts for teachers to play in their classrooms to help high school students with disabilities in their transition from high school to life after high school (primarily through work/employment).

Well, there is a huge need for this type of curriculum and schools all over the state of Illinois have started using that podcast. I saw a need and last summer, I started working on starting my own business, creating innovative and interactive online transition curriculum and marketing it to schools all over the country.

After receiving contracts from school districts and cooperatives, I'm able to leave my job at the end of this school year. Many of the people in this group have influenced me (whether they know it or not) to take this scary jump. +Bob Zerull +Ray Ortega +Daniel Hayes +Nick Seuberling  +David Jackson  and of course, +Tawny Fineran who has been insanely supportive over the last year as I've worked on building this.

If you're curious to check out what I've been working on, you can find it here:

Another Problem with Your Show's Title Headline

As I now work for Libsyn (where you can get a free month using the coupon code sopfree), and I get to see some mistakes that people are making. Now I'm doing a bit of a repeat, and that is people make horrible headlines. In the past I've talked about starting off a headline with the date. What I am seeing now is people putting the name of their show at the beginning of the headline. Why this makes no sens, is any place you can see the headline (your website, a listing in iTunes) you already see the name of the show. Also here is another thing to keep in mind, on the podcasts app from Apple, you can only see 45 characters of the headline if you're not subscribed to it. Once you subscribe you see the entire headline. However, would you subscribe if every headline was:

School of Podcasting – How to Podcast Today w
School of Podcasting – How to Podcast Today w
School of Podcasting – How to Podcast Today w

You're wasting really, really valuable space.

Why do we care? I had a client who had a respected media outlet that wanted to put their RSS feed on their site. They tested it and the headlines were horrible, and they wanted the producer to change all of their headlines.

Want to make great Headlines, check out my Free Headlines Resources

Multiple Websites Question Revisited

Paul said, ”

Heard your comments about updating multiple websites. I have 7 x WordPress sites, have used ManageWP for a couple of years now, love it!

VERY easy to update all sites at once, gives you immediate admin access to all sites without login and very simple to add and take new WP installations, with dynamic pricing.

Daniel said, ” I use iThemes Sync]But you should also check out JetPack’s built-in module for plugin updates. Then, you can login to (I think) and update all your plugins from there. It’s not as thorough as Sync or others. But it’s free with no limit on sites.

Is Blab.Im Going Away?

The quick answer is no. However, the CEO stated this week “Blab is not doubling down on broadcaster tools.” They want to focus more on equipping people to hang out. We talked about this on the Ask the Podcast Coach show that I do every Saturday at 10:30 AM EST and here are some theories of what this might really mean.

  1. They can't make it reliable
  2. Podcasters are perfectionists
  3. They are working on other projects (an app for teens)
  4. This is as good as it gets.

For me it means, I'm not leaving the platform until it doesn't work for me. I will be scouting other options.

Thanks For the Review

“What a fantastic resource this show has been for me. As a 51 year old professional in the entertainment industry, I knew nothing about podcasting when I decided to have my own show. The School of Podcasting has and will continue to be my GPS (great podcasting source). Thanks Dave for doing your homework! Alan Bruess, Tailgate Entertainer” from AlanB-Tractor Guy. This review was sent to me automatically from My Podcast Reviews (have all reviews from all countries, as well as sticher be sent to your email )

Advanced Podcasting Recording Tools in Plain English

Today I'm joined by Chris Curran of the and who has spent years as an audio engineer in the music business, and is now turning his skills on podcasting.

Now keep in mind, you do NOT need these items to get started. Next week I'm doing a podcast with just a microphone and audacity. No effects at all.

Today we talk through

What is a compressor? What do the knobs do? What does it sound like if I messed up?

What is a noise gate? What do the knobs do? What does it sound like if I messed up?

What is a De-Esser? What do the knobs do? What does it sound like if I messed up?

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  1. Stargate Pioneer says:

    Congrats on the Podcast Awards nomination Dave! I’ll be voting for you.

  2. Great episode Dave! I finally know what all that stuff means when I use the compression settings in audacity. Please keep going with these great teachings. Thanks for making my shows better! God bless!

  3. Thanks Ryan. I’m glad you liked it. -Dave

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